Shoes/Spikes/Flats that should be re-released


I’ll start

-Nike Air streak vapor IV
-Nike Air pegasus (2004 version)


without knowing anything about the spike, I’m gonna say the adidas 9.9’s, just cause it would be cool to have the same spikes as Quenton Cassidy


Obligatory Jasari
Adidas PR (3.9 oz)
Nike Zoom Elite 4 (oh wait)


Adizero pro
Nike Lunar Racer (O wait they did that! Maybe Nike will learn.)
Kennedy XC


Nike Kennedy
Nike Kennedy XC
Asics Piranha SP 2 (I don’t like the new version as much)
Adidas Avanti in black/white (can’t find my size in this color :frowning: )


-Nike Zoom Miler or at least an update
-OG Eldoret or an update to it with the same plate


Kantana Rac3r


Ventulus 2. I find the Matumbos rather uncomfortable. I’ve put over 30 miles of workouts/races on my Vents and I will continue to run them into the ground even though I have a pair of 'tumbos as well. Also, Ventulus+, Eldoret and teh Lanangs even though I have never run in any of them (yet).


They still make them, but I’ve only seen them on Eastbay. Running Warehouse said that they’re not licensed to get them or something to that effect.



nike marathoner, an overall good shoe. also teh lanangs.


Nike Spiridon Racer, PR, and Gold.


OG Nike Streak XC

I miss them so much :frowning:




I know they do, but this will be the last one. I guess this was a little early to be said. Plus I refuse to pay $110 for that.


I dont know what your size is but this place has a lot.


…I love you right now…lol :smiley:
Never been on this site before, anyone ever order from Shoebacca?


I bought a pair about a year and a half ago, and haven’t worn them yet. I know once I do that’s the last pair I’m going to get. :frowning:


I have a pair coming on monday and I know once I wear them out that will be the end.


nike free 5.0 v4, the closed mesh upper with the nylon liner was perfection.

nike sneakerboat II, those were just sick boat shoes in general.