Sheep V2.0 Week 9 Q's


Week 9 of Sheep. Reveal Sunday. This week’s topic is: MUSIC

A song made popular by a movie
An overplayed song
A country music singer
Someone from American Idol who made it big
A song representative of 90s music
A singer known by a single name
A song with “love” in the title
A popular but untalented artist
A song that beginners learn to play on the piano
A song played at sporting events

Standings can be viewed here:


good questions this week


i’m so ****ed




Well its a good thing that I can drop a good 10 places and still be fine.


im expecting a 50/50 split


How about an unpopular and untalented artist?


having not listened to the radio consistently in 2+ years and living in a foreign country is going to f*ck me over on that one.


i feel alot of aces this week


First one is the hardest. Only one song immediately came to mind, so hopefully at least someone else has watched that movie/movies.:rolleyes:


Judging by your list of song choices from Survivor, you’re going to have a low score this round.


I’m screwed… general music knowledge evades me.


I haven’t been on TT in months wish I could have started sheep from the start! Oh well I’ll still play along.


I thought my answer was good, but I’m doubting many people will put my answer.


which makes it bad…


Takes one to know one. :wink:



The More You Know: Shakespeare invented the word “bump”.


Friday bump


Looks like someone is trying to cheat on Sheep. Whoever you are–go pack sand.


You tell 'em!