Sheep V2.0 Week 6 Q's


Figured I’d post the questions now because I’m bored and it gives people the maximum amount of time to enter.

This week’s topic is MOVIES. I used the search function but please let me know if any of these have already been used in past seasons.

A trilogy
An action star
A director
A James Bond movie
A comedy
A comedic actor
A horror movie
An actress
A chick flick
A “manly” movie

1. The topics for the rest of the year: Week 7 (Products/Merchandise/Clothes,etc), Week 8 (Music), Week 9 (Food), Week 10 (Questions about tracktalk posters)
2. The standings are posted here:


Crap. This is completely up in the air.


low scores will be low




Good luck everyone. Damn.


#2 should be the highest scoring one.


we get 1 “low” week dropped, right?


I had the most trouble with the last one tbh. Narrowed it down to 4 and went with my guy on that one.


i doubt it, there are like at least 5 solid choices i can think of off the top of my head


I agree. The only one I think is an easy one is #1. But maybe I just cant think of any better answers.


A comedy, and a comedic actor I’m guessing will all have a wide range of answers, but I’m pretty confident in the comedic actor I chose. I also think horror movies will have a wide range, but I’m decently confident in my answers.


I’m screwed


I’m sure something retarded is going to happen on #1


im pretty sure i know what you mean




I had to go with a more classic choice on the horror movie which I imagine will cost me, but the movie I picked is legit so I will not be disappointed.


this will be a fun week


Kind of like last weeks 1st question with Australia being considered an island.