Sheep V2.0 Week 2 Q's


Week 2 of sheep. This week’s topic is ANIMALS. PM me your answers by 5 EST on Sunday.

Name one of each of the following:

An animal that lives in the arctic
An animal considered to be intelligent (excluding primates)
A flying insect
An animal represented in the Chinese Zodiac
A mollusk
An animal that is considered a pest
A venomous invertebrate
A colorful animal
An animal with a unique defense mechanism
A mythical creature


#9 was the only difficult one. I was torn between two choices, hopefully it doesn’t end up being the other.


Note: Make sure you know what an invertebrate is :rolleyes:


The point of this isn’t always to get the correct answer, (see Abe Lincoln) but I bet I know what people put for that. :rolleyes:


trying to think like a sheep!


Was torn between two on several of these questions. Hopefully my performance this week is better than it was last week


sum_bum has been cheating




What happens if the majority of people put an animal that is not an invertebrate


Assuming the rules are the same as before, they get the points, but in any tie-breaking scenario that answer will count against them.


Let’s see if I can get last again.






i submitted.


bump. Lots of people who played last week still need to sign up…


When I sober up tomorrow, I will make my submission. But for now, I think it’s best that I do not.






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