Sheep Season 3 Week 7


This week’s topic: Sports

Greatest NBA point guard of all time:
A winner of the Homerun derby from 2000-10:
Greatest underdog victory ever:
Best Lineman in the NFL today:
Most popular sport internationally other than soccer:
Greatest European athlete in the world today:
A brand of running shoes:
Best Defenseman offensively in the NHL of all time :
Phrisbees’s question:Greatest NFL Team Ever (year, team) :


LOL I was gonna ask the first question. I’ll think of something else.


Wow when I posted that question I seriously was thinking it seemed like a question you would come up with, just because you’re a basketball fan and I know that’s one of the great debates in basketball. Sorry about that.


****, I know nothing about sports. I’m going to do even worse now.


i’m going to do so well this week


If you don’t know anything about sports you aren’t a real man.



This week will definitely not be like last week.:frowning:


offensive or defensive lineman? or either?



Reveal Monday.



Only have 9 responses in so far, get your responses into me by Monday.




If the defenseman question isn’t unanimous, we are going to have a serious problem.


Sandis Ozolinsh, right?


wanna take this outside?


Only 13 responses so far…


These are hard. I’m not really interested in sports.


lol phrisbee would ask that question


I am not putting down the '85 Bears, just because I know that’s what he wants.




I’m sorry but I probably can’t do the reveal tonight, I have way too much to do. Tomorrow I have a meet after school, so it’s unlikely I will be able to do it then either. The reveal will most likely be on Wednesday.