Shayne Collins


Joe Cole of Mansfield told me Shayne Collins got into a major car acccident today Cracking his skull and is now in a coma. Anyone else hear this?

This is a huge blow for Mansfield and Shayne. As one of the top runners in the state on one of the best teams in the state, he would’ve placed very well in the All-States Meet. Prayers go out to his family.


What a horrible piece of news, I hope he is OK. I’m not sure we should be commenting on this until we know more info though. Running is not important right now, only Shayne’s health and his family.

Awful to hear this.


THIS IS A LIE. He is fine. I think that this kid is the same kid as 3rd reich. He’s been reported. What an awful thing to lie about.


I talked directly to a member of Shayne’s team who is a friend of Shayne. I am not lying , this is the news he told me, he was literally crying on the phone