Shamrockin' Run 8k


Today was the first iteration of a great event. $40k purse. The male and female leader at each mile mark gets $1000. Bagpipers at each mile. Some pretty good times up front from guys who are not-quite-A-list:


A) Congrats to the 99 year olds in the top 10! Very impressive.
B) Is it typical for road races to give prizes to mid-race leaders? I know this is common in the bike racing crits, and I think it’s a pretty fun way to add to the purse and excitement of the race. It also can lead to really uneven surging in biking (if the prize is, say, mile 4-5, the guys go balls through the line at 5, then pack up again). Obviously it’s not a 1:1 comparison, but is this a popular road race format? And does that happen?


This is the first race I have heard of employing the mid-race bonuses. I think it led to some mid-race surges. Check out the splits of Julius Bor–leading at 1 and 2 miles; 16:00 for his last 3.

Watching the race, nearly everyone running slower than about 4:45 pace looks like they are jogging.

Isiah Koech is making his road debut in New Orleans on the 30th. Guy is still pissed about his finish at the Olympics and is looking to take down the 10k world best, pending weather. Rumor has it that Leonard Komon will also be in the race.