Sh*t coaches say/do


This thread is for any weird/stupid/funny comments or things you coaches have made in practice or at meets
Coach “you guys get so much rest in between these intervals. You could do your homework in between these.”
Coach" go up to malachy and say ‘I must break you’"


Coach: Champions are made when no one is looking. PEOPLE are made when no one is looking.
5 second pause
Everyone cracks up laughing
Coach: smh


“Don’t post on running forums”


Coach- “Alright, good practice today. Go home, shower, eat dinner, do your math homework, kiss your sister, and get your sleep.”

Me- “Coach, I don’t have a sister.”

Coach- most serious stare ever “Goal-oriented people find ways Ike.”


when my grandpa was the AD at one of the downers schools, the xc coach put in a budget request one year for a scooter so he could keep tabs on his runners. Needless to say that didnt work out.


that couldn’t have been coach Keogh. he celebrated his 50th birthday by running a sub 5 mile



-“Dont call me Mr. ____, he’s my father” “Ok Mr. _____”
-“Why did I get an email from the HC of Illinois State CC asking for a personal apology from you for ruining their programs image?”
-“Youre allergic to Bee’s? It seems that youre also allergic to A’s too!”
-“You cant vote for me for captain you moron”
-“When is your great Grandma going to die already…”


I definitely want to know the story behind this one :smiley:


You guys don’t want to run in the snow?? I used to pray for it to snow cause I knew my competition wouldn’t go out.


I had a year where the distance coach got the job because she roomed with a girl the head coach dated once; she had never ran even a 5k. So if I thought hard, I could probably remember a whole bunch of fun conversations we had.

Coach - “I was really impressed by the effort of the guy behind you; he let it all out and collapsed at the line. Try to be more like that”

Me - “… he was behind me… but I can fall down too coach.”


On prom: Coach- “Do you have a date for prom?” “yea” “Oh, did you ask a blind girl?”

On Rain: “Wear a jacket because tomorrow is going to be like a cow pissing on a flat rock”

On high jump mat covers: “Make sure you cover it up. Its not like any of you are going to be needing one anytime soon”

He also called stupid kids/stupid decision makers/lack of common sense on the team “fazuls”. Like as in pasta fazul, which is some type of bean soup. It made no sense, but was funny nevertheless.


This blog is full of stuff like this: