Seriously, **** this guy



is that reee?


What a Bad***

Still, I need to see him shoot a basketball… or a soccer ball…

Wonder what his mile time is…

I will only respect if I know these things!


Quanny IMO


The coolest parts were the dice tricks.


this, jumping over the pool was one of the more impressive things ive ever seen


So, um, did he, like, get a haircut before the video, grow his hair out real quick, then cut it off again? Because he has a buzzcut in the bed scenes.

I also think this video is proof that every Asian is a ninja. This one just happens to be a skateboarding ninja who uses fans and dice instead of a katana and shurikens.


He’s obviously doping.


Not the same guy; not impressed.


What the **** is this!

He has more videos!



wrong and wrong.




That was amazing.


He is my hero. He must be a ninja or something.

And I think I have the answer to lugenheimer’s mystery as to why his hair is at different lengths during separate portions of the video. For the same reason he is wearing different clothes… they were filmed on different days… and he had naturally gotten at haircut in between