Semenya Targets WRs


No way in hell she get’s the 1500m WR, but I guess the 800m might be within reach someday. She certainly has a build similar to the current record holder. :o





in other news, I am also attempting to break the world records in the 800 & 1500 :rolleyes:


Am I the only one watching Semenya’s season wondering if she is simply sand bagging until the big dance? Her stride seems more like a jog/ lumber in most of her races.

I could understand her not being in 1:55 shape right now but it sure has looked like she might not be putting in her full effort. Am I totally off base on this or has anyone else thought this?


Maybe Caster knows something I don’t but I find 1:41.01 to be a bit of a reach. What does Rudisha think about this direct shot against him? I must admit, I do like Semenya’s chances if the two come to blows though.


Theres been a few threads I think on Letsrun about this and I know they even wrote how its possible she is sandbagging since her Olympic run. Watching her races is almost a joke. It definitely looks like she is holding back.


…and the speculation that she is under medication to “recenter” her testo levels and we are seeing the end result of that correction.


yes, i thought about that but I still just have this niggling doubt about her . . . it’s like suddenly I’m expecting her to just tear away from the field and say, “sorry gals i was just kidding!”


Can someone restate he situation? I forgot the specifics


Freudian slip?

To my understanding - after the controversy at worlds she went through tons of tests and such, there was a hush-hush deal with the IAAF and she was allowed to run. The speculation is that she had some exorbitantly high levels of testosterone, and went through either surgery or chemical treatments (lowering testosterone &/or raising estrogen? some hormone treatment).

The IAAF wants to avoid embarrassment and so hasn’t formally disclosed anything, of course.


Or they wanted to keep her privacy. She was after all just an 18 or 19 year old kid when her gender came under speculation. Awful situation for all involved but especially for her.


this is a picture of my asshole


One would expect and hope that she had the primordial testicles removed from her inguinal canal, as they can become cancerous.


Of course we have to remember there is a person behind the name–one who has gone thru a whole lot of **** for a young person.


As far as I know this much mentioned info is speculation.
The issue is not Caster. She is in .Case closed. IAAF must publish a clear rule on the boy/girl line. Future athletes and their federations must know what standard has to met in order to compete in the woman’s division and that standard must be clear and well defined.
All too often one person’s life changes when it is used to define a broader issue. The for the good of many at the expense of a few moral question is part of being human it seems.


Semenya excluded from Sascoc programme

Olympic silver medallist Caster Semenya was a surprise exclusion from the SA Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee’s (Sascoc) Operation Excellence (Opex) programme when the new list of athletes was released on Wednesday.

Medallists and finalists from the 2012 Olympic Games, and athletes ranked in the top eight in the world in their events, were included in the Olympic body’s latest top-tier funding programme.

However, Sascoc chief executive Tubby Reddy said Semenya, a former world 800 metres champion, did not qualify for the programme as she was not training and it was uncertain whether she would compete this year.

“We may argue she was a medallist, so she should be on,” Reddy said.

"But the indication from the federation (Athletics SA), in their engagement with her, was that she was not training at the moment.

"She was not participating and in fact she may not be going to the IAAF World Championships (in Moscow in August).

“We can’t support an athlete like that right now, until she decides she is going to participate, and then we can revisit it.”

Opex is the premier programme for prospective Olympic and Paralympic medallists and it consists of three different tiers which provide varying degrees of funding and support.

A total of 13 athletes on the Olympic programme and 14 on the Paralympic programme were included in the new tier one structure.

Among the 13 able-bodied athletes were Olympic medallists Cameron van der Burgh, Chad le Clos (both swimming), Bridgitte Hartley (canoeing), James Thompson, John Smith and Lawrence Ndlovu (all rowing).

Meanwhile, Sascoc president Gideon Sam said South Africa would be aiming for 16 medals at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

“We are going for 16 medals. If Africa is going for 50 this will be our contribution,” Sam said.

"My focus is this and I must take these athletes and support them and make sure that they qualify for Rio.