Seed lists for Monmouth and Ocean County Champs this week?


On the entries tab for Shore Track Coaches, it says they were to be posted Monday night. Does anyone have a copy of the seed lists they can post?

Monmouth County champs are tomorrow and Friday, Ocean is Wed&Saturday.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help out.


I was wondering the same thing. On the event flyer it says Monday Night, May 9, the seeds will be posted.




The seeds were due Sunday at 8:00pm. However seeds were still coming in at 6:00pm Monday. Then the errors needed to be fixed (obvious ones like forgetting the 4 in a 4:35 mile and such).

They will be up as soon as all data is compiled and corrected.

Sorry for the delay and thanks for understanding.


I wouldn’t doubt that exact mistake was done on my card lol.


They are compiled. Just waiting on our Web Master to post.

Hang in there.


coaches should have them now


Will they be posted anywhere?


Njrunners and on the shore track coaches website


Monmouth Seeds

Ocean Seeds


Hopefully they’ll still be accepting corrections. I see a few typos.


Yeah, the last seed in the 800 is seeded at 5:00:confused:


gonna be some good races