Updates from CJ 1&4 @

“Along the Fence”


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Continuing updates from Day 2 @ Hilsborough

“Along the Fence”


from Tomahawk:

Egg Harbor Twp. results [SJ 1-4]

Buena results [SJ 1-4]

Monsignor Donovan results [North & South Parochial A & B]


CJ 2-3 results finally posted




I found it interesting that at CJ Group III and II there seemed to be different versions of the seeded 8 rule. I had kids that were seeded in the top 8 that had numbers that were higher. In the 200, were the top 12 that entered safe or was it only the top 12 on the list? In other words, if no one in the top 8 showed up, would the next 8 on the list be seeded or would it go strictly by cards?


Surprised this was not mentioned, but Capwell ran 1:51.26 winning by over 11 secinds in those conditions this weekend?

Holy Moly


Not to mention he jogged the last 10 meters Looked like a beast!