Sectionals postponement


To be honest - whenever the meets are “que sera, sera”. Over the last few days families lost homes and many are without power bad heat (myself included). Do I value a nice championship race? Why of course, but not over the well being of others.

Today I held a practice not Bc we needed the work but Bc cross country and the team gives my boys a break from the insanity right now. I had to pick a few of them up along the way Bc they couldn’t get there. We ran and talked about everything. On my way home I stopped at one of my runners houses who lives on the bay on the mainland and the water took a lot of their things away. I drove around and saw the destruction today. I saw people with no electricity trying to salvage what little they had left. I saw familes standing outside their houses crying. I saw mud from the bay caked on their houses and their hands. I cannot express how hard it hurt to see that. We all have seen the pictures of burning houses, inlets where homes once were and we all have seen pictures and thought “oh man - I remember that”. I have no power or heat but I have a house in tact for my family. Something many people lost.

Yes the races should be run, not for the sanctity of the sport but for the sanity of the kids. So what if teams don’t come Bc they are qualifying for NXN. IT DOESN’T MAKE THAT MEET ANY LESS SPECIAL FOR THE KIDS THAT ARE RUNNING.


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I think it is absurd to ask athletes to comeback a few days after groups and race MOC. It is even more absurd to expect teams/individuals to run 3 championship races within a week just to give them an option to race regionals. The state is in bad shape and the longer we have to get things back on track and get the kids back to school the better off everyone will be. If a venue is available on the 24th that is when MOC needs to be. A few teams will decide to run regionals but only a very few/individuals. We need to do the best thing for the majority of athletes/teams not just a few. It is our responsibility as high school coaches to do what is best for our athletes.