Section Results!


Thread for news and results of section meets.

What section is this kid going to run in? He should qualify I think.


MSHSL website says Hope Academy is in 4A for CC.


I am guessing that his father is the Jeff Byrd that was a state 100yd dash champ in the late 70’s.


Maybe… if he has changed his name since the late 70’s…


I was thinking it was Larry. :wink:


Well there is that.


XC nation had this on FB tonight, hilarious if you ask me. Unless you hate Perham


Regardless of what you think of Perham, that was hilarious. Glad they’re having fun with the internet activity and being creative. A great way to get noticed and doing it in a positive way.
I was lol-ing throughout it.


I liked the racquetball part…


Are we going to do section predictions like last year?


I think we should


You mean like this?

1AA- 1st: Owatonna (99.9%)
2nd: Farmington (26%)
Worth noting: Northfield (25%)
Rochester Century (25%)
Rochester Mayo (15%)
Rochester John Marshall (5%)
Rochester John Marshal (3%)
Lakeville North (0.77%)
Lakeville South (0.33%)

2AA- 1st: Orono (42%)
2nd: Chaska (40%)
Worth noting:
Buffalo (38%)
Chanhassen (35%)
Hutchinson (30%)
Shakopee (10%)
Mound Westonka (4%)
Marshall (1%)

3AA- 1st: Rosemount (90%)
2nd: Burnsville (50%)
Worth noting: Eastview (30%)
Bloomington Jefferson (15%)
Apple Valley (10%)
St. Thomas (5%)

4AA- 1st: Stillwater (99.999%)
2nd:White Bear Lake (50%)
Worth noting: Woodbury (15%)
Cretin Derham Hall (12%)
Mahtomedai (10%)
Roseville (8%)
St. Paul Central (5.001%)

5AA- 1st: Centennial (80%)
2nd: Mounds View (30%)
Worth noting: Totino-Grace (28%)
Maple Grove (26%)
St. Michael Albertville (24%)
Coon Rapids (10%)
Osseo (2%)

6AA- 1st: Wayzata (55%)
2nd: Edina (50%)
Worth noting: Hopkins (40%)
Eden Prairie (34%)
Southwest (20%)
Minnetonka (1%)

7AA- 1st: Andover (36%)
2nd: Elk River (34%)
Worth noting: Chisago Lakes (31%)
Forest Lake (30%)
Cloquet (28%)
Duluth East (23%)
Grand Rapids (17%)
St. Francis (4%)

8AA- 1st: Bemidji (80%)
2nd: Willmar (29%)
Worth noting: Moorhead (27%)
Monticello (25%)
Sartell (20%)
Alexandria (19%)

The teams listed are the reams that I thikn have any remote chance at making State. The percentages are the relative likelihood that I think they have of making it. Each section adds up to 200% (since there are two spots). Girls to come later…


Rochester Century

Hutchinson or Buffalo


White Bear Lake

Maple Grove


Chisago Lakes



1AA- 1st: Owatonna
2nd: Farmington

2AA- 1st: Chaska
2nd: Hutchinson

3AA- 1st: Rosemount
2nd: Burnsville

4AA- 1st: Stillwater
2nd:White Bear Lake

5AA- 1st: Centennial
2nd: Mounds View

6AA- 1st: Wayzata
2nd: Edina
Watch out for EP, I feel as though they will fall short by 5-10 points.

7AA- 1st: Andover
2nd: Chisago

8AA- 1st: Bemidji
Worth noting: Moorhead


1A- P-E-M
1AA - Owatonna

2A - Waseca
2AA - Chaska

3A - Redwood Valley
3AA - Rosemount

4A - Minnehaha
4AA -Stillwater

5A- St. Cloud
5AA - Centennial

6A - Albany
6AA - EP!!!

7A - Esko
7AA - Chisago

8A- Perham
8AA- Willmar

might as well do this to cause neither of them will be close
A- Perham 40pts or less
AA- Stillwater 70pts or less


1st- Owatonna
2nd- Rochester Century

1st- Chaska
2nd- Buffalo

1st- Rosemount
2nd- Burnsville

1st- Stillwater
2nd- WBL

1st- Centennial
2nd- Moundsview

1st- Edina
2nd- Wayzata

1st- Andover
2nd- Forest Lake

1st- Bemidji
2nd- Moorhead


AA girls…

1AA- 1st: Lakeville South (95%)
2nd: Northfield (15%)
Worth noting: Albert Lea (15%)
Lakeville North (14%)
Rochester Century (12%)
Owatonna (10%)
Austin (8%)
Winona (7%)
Rochester Mayo (6%)
New Prague (6%)
Farmington (5%)
Red Wing (4%)
Dover-Eyota (3%)
Note: I didn’t put a ton of research into this section besides looking up at least two races from each team in the section (unless I could not find two previous results), so I haven’t examined in detail individual matchups or trends from any of these teams, but I can personally safely say that I have never seen a section that appears as big of a toss-up as this one.

2AA- 1st: Chanhassen (65%)
2nd: Shakopee (55%)
Worth noting: Chaska (50%)
Marshall (25%)
Holy Family Catholic (3%)
Buffalo (2%)

3AA- 1st: Eagan (99.999%)
2nd: Prior Lake (40%)
Worth noting: Rosemount (20%)
Burnsville (15%)
Apple Valley (13%)
Visitation (7%)
Eastview (5%)

4AA- 1st: East Ridge (98%)
2nd: Roseville (28%)
Worth noting: White Bear Lake (26%)
Mahtomedai (20%)
Woodbury (18%)
Stillwater (10%)

5AA- 1st: Mounds View (60%)
2nd: Totino-Grace (55%)
Worth noting: St. Michael Albertville (40%)
Coon Rapids (30%)
Maple Grove (10%)
Centennial (5%)

6AA- 1st: Wayzaya (98%)
2nd: Edina (55%)
Worth noting: Eden Prairie (35%)
Minnetonka (8%)
Hopkins (4%)

7AA- 1st: Forest Lake (46%)
2nd: Elk River (44%)
Worth noting: Grand Rapids (33%)
Andover (27%)
Duluth East (26%)
Big Lake (14%)
North Branch (10%)

8AA- 1st: Monticello (60%)
2nd: Willmar (52%)
Worth noting: Moorhead (50%)
Alexandria (15%)
Brainard (10%)
Sartell (8%)
Little Falls (5%)


Perham would be disappointed with anything more than 17 and I think Stillwater might be under 50.


1AA:Owatonna, Rochester Century

2AA: Hutchinson, Orono

3AA: Rosemount, Burnsville

4AA: Stillwater, White Bear Lake

5AA: Centennial, Mounds View

6AA: Wayzata, Edina

7AA: Chisago Lakes, Andover

8AA: Bemidji, Moorhead


Stillwater win possibly by 70?
I’d say their biggest win might be by 50. My guess is more closer to the 30-40 range. Wayzata could pull off the win as well. Let’s not forget what happened at Marshfield. If they do win by 70. Dowling Catholic better watch out.

Last team to win by 70 was Willmar in '06 by 71.
Wayzata in '10 won by 69.