Section 1 Class Meets


Class A & C on Friday at Clarkstown South and Valhalla, and Class B on Saturday in Pearl River.
Last weekend of the year for most of Section 1.
Everyone be safe and leave everything on the track!


Class C is tomorrow at Valhalla and steeple was today at Byram Hills. Bronxville boys are leading Pawling 14-11 going into tomorrow looking for a 7th straight sectional title.


I’ll be going for sub-4:20 in the 1600m on friday!


I got most of it right like usual. :rolleyes:


As of right now Kevin’s looking like a scratch for Class A Friday with an undetermined toe injury. Doesn’t look like a break, but we’ll know more over the next day or so.


Class C Meet has been postponed to Tuesday due to weather :frowning:

Edit: Possibly Saturday since state q’s starts Thursday.


I hope class A doesn’t get postponed…


Not looking great for tomorrow or Saturday. Section 1 Qualifier entries are due Sunday night, too. I wonder how that works out.

Kev’s definitely a scratch even if they postpone. Slight sprain of a toe, no fracture. He’s down til Saturday but should be good for the qualifier.


With athletes competing for final top 16 performances in DI or DII, the class meets often bring out some of the season’s best peformances. For athletes looking to secure a top 16 spot in the Division II Section 1 State Qualifier, the Class C schools have a distinct advantage for some final outstanding performances by competing on Tuesday (which is supposed to be perfect weather) over the Division II schools in Class B who are competing tomorrow (low 50s and rain).


All seeds have to be in by Sunday Night, eliminating any chance for certain athletes who were planning on qualifying for their event at Sectionals, a pretty normal occurrence. Distinct disadvantage.


The easy thing to do is extend the entry deadline to the evening of the day on which the last sectional meet (A, B or C) in section 1 takes place.

If the Class C meet was moved to Tuesday, I don’t see how the entry deadline cannot be extended.


Having entries due midnight Tuesday for a meet that starts Thursday cuts things pretty close logistically.


To continue with my earlier post: if the deadline to enter the Section 1 State Qualifier was not extended to Tuesday evening, then why was it agreed to have the rain date for the Class C beyond Sunday?


That’s a question for those who agreed to it. The rain date as set forth at the beginning of the season was Sunday. Looks like a lot of people didn’t want the meet to interfere with their weekend.
If they extend the date to Tuesday I guess they’d have to allow times from Easterns and Fast Times.


I don’t think many people would have been trying to get into state quals from the Class C sectional meet. Given the small sizes of the Class C schools, most people choose to double/triple/quadruple and go for the easiest win possible to make up for a lack of depth. I feel like the Class C schools are now at a distinct disadvantage compared to DII Class B schools when it comes to qualifying for the state meet, since those Class B schools have more options to get state standards with Fast Times and Easterns on Tuesday, which the class c schools will no longer be able to attend.


All good points. If the original schedule said the make up date was Sunday and that was put in writing, then the Class C meet should not be on Tuesday.


it was and it was…


Looks like Class A got theirs in.


Yep, but it sucked hard