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There’s not really a thread or forum for this kind of stuff but Addison DeHaven ran 9:00.19 in the 3200 at the SD state meet to set the meet record. He also had led off Brookings champion 4x800 the same day.


wow… thats good.


How far back was 2nd place?


A couple 9:29s were 2 and 3. He’ll be anchoring the medley 200-200-400-800 and running the 1600 today.


I guess they don’t have the same restrictions that Minnesota has with regard to longer events?


Correct, only two events 800 or over is unique to MN, and very antiquated.


That rule is worse than MN girls running 4k. In SD you can do 4 events regardless of distance and field/track.


Yeah Dehaven’s a really talented one. He qualified for Foot Locker last year as a sophomore and I’m pretty sure he was the only sophomore who qualified. It was a bummer that he didn’t qualify for NXN this year. He also did very good at Mt Sac this year and if he keeps on working hard I’m pretty sure he’ll qualify for NXN and Footlocker next year as a senior.


If we want to take something and attempt to change it to make a difference for MN distance runners, this is something we should get behind!! Currently if a team has strong distance runners they are at a distinct disadvantage when going against a team who has strong sprinters (since sprinters can run 3 races). IMO in a 2 day meet ESPECIALLY, a distance runner should be able to run 3 races! Conference (team) championships and section championships could be totally different if this rule were to change.


3? Why not 4? Addison ran 2 800s, 1600, and 3200 at state meet. A girl from Aberdeen did the same except with the open 800 instead of the medley and won them all.

BTW, for those interested, Brookings won the Medley with DeHaven as the anchor in 3:34 and he won the 1600 in 4:16.


I was going with attempting to match what sprinters can do as opposed to changing the limit for both.


Almost worse then post high school hurdle heights for women.