Schumacher, athletes to leave OTC


Schumacher and his athletes are leaving the OTC. Kara, Shalane, Jager, Lomong, Derrick, Bumbalough, Heath, and Tegenkamp will all split from the club. They’re still deciding if they will create a new club.

Any ideas on what happened?


Nike prioritizes the Salazar group, which I can’t imagine makes Jerry & co happy


All the athletes have contracts with Nike, so no changes there. Their association with the actual OTC (the Eugene based Rowland group) has been basically non-existent. The might as well rename themselves Wisconsin Track Club - West Coast Divsion, because that’s what they’ve been since Schumacher left Wisconsin.


I wonder if this signals a change in location for them as well…


From what I recall both the Oregon Distance Project (Salazar) and OTC-Schumacher train in Portland. The Oregon track club as traditionally known is in Eugene (Andrew Wheating, etc).

To clarify; that’s correct, no?


You are correct sir. As previously said all the athletes and I assume Jerry are retaining their Nike contracts, so this is really just a name change. They probably just want to differentiate themselves Roland’s group.


Just wanted to make sure. I’m sure they’ll be fine, but i really think they should have a sweet logo/new singlets for their new group. I am a huge fan of the Distance Project’s logo, something simple and identifiable.


If it did, I’d feel bad for the guys who just signed on and (presumably) just put money down on a lease, house, etc. Webb moving across the country (again) springs to mind.


I forgot to mention Fernandez in that group.

Would it be a poor decision to locate to Bend? They get altitude, miles of amazing trails, and generally better weather that Portland.


I don’t think they’d want to be permanently based at altitude, as it makes it harder to work out hard. They already have the money to go do multiple week stints at altitude, so I don’t think relocating there full time is really necessary.


I’d rather live and do my daily runs at altitude, then come down to Portland or whereever for a couple of hard efforts a week.


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Fair enough, but does Bend (or whatever place they’d set up in) have all the resources that comes with being incredibly close to the Nike campus? And how far up would one have to live to gain the benefits of living at altitude? The interwebz tells me that Bend is 3600ft (1100m). Obviously that’s no Colorado Springs/Park City, but would it be enough to gain the benefits of altitude?


I hear they already do all their long runs up the side of Mt. Hood to get in alt. training.


I honestly have no idea, but I would guess that is a little too low for the real benefits to kick in.


You can get up to like 7000ft within half an hour’s drive of the city if I remember correctly. So to Yoshi’s point, they could still do their hard efforts in Bend proper and then go run in the mountains. Summit High School also recently had a ridiculous track built by Drew Bledsoe that they could presumably use.


There are actually are (were?) four entities:

Alberto’s Oregon Project, née OTC, née Nike Oregon Project

Schumacher’s Wisconsin West Coast Division

Rowland’s Eugene based OTC (Symmonds, Mulder, McNamara, et all)

Vin’s Eugene based OTC (Brown, Wheating, Van Ingen)

R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet TC (Acosta), which is a subsidiary of Vin’s group.

Bend would be a terrible place to train in the winter months, and as mentioned in an earlier post, is only about 4k feet (Sun River area).

As would I, but Bend doesn’t have the same facilities, obviously, as being based in PDX. Plus, they have tons of little altitude rooms, so moving too altitude is all but obsolete.


What ever happened to witnessing the fitness?


That has been folded into the larger LLC of Nation Incorporated along w/

  • Urkel TC
  • “Don’t Swallow, Bill Murray” TC
  • The Banana Hunter TC

WTF TC has been put aside until the aforementioned member of “R. Kelly TinC” TC shows adequate fitness. We’re close, but not quite there yet.


Does Rupp let you borrow his Alter-G when he is one the road given that you and he won an NCAA championship together? I mean, after you sign a liability waiver.