SC Featured Great spot


Once in a while Sports Center puts great things for all to see:


Agree - great piece.


Check out “Racing the Rez” which is fantastic. Be sure to hang in for the repeat 400 workout at the 35 minute mark, slightly windy conditions that day on the Tuba City track. Billy Orman, who was featured in the piece and ran 8:48 and 4:06 for 3200 and 1600 in high school, went on to Harvard and gave up competitive running soon after that. I worked at a running camp in Flagstaff 10 years ago that had a contingent of runners from Tuba City, extremely dedicated and tenacious athletes.


Does anyone know of other videos like this or on running? I like to show my teams an inspirational video like this the practice before a meet.


Running Brave - the Billy Mills story is one of my favorites