Saratoga Springs Park / BH Invy


Our team is making our first ever trip out to the Burnt Hills Invitational. I was looking for some insight into the course. Any help with the course layout would be appreciated.

I found on the Burnt Hills website some pictures of their meet last night against Shen and Columbia (on the front page) and a course map here:


Course is essentially flat and firm, with two downhills and two uphills. No “roll” to it whatsoever. First uphill flattens out as you get to the sharp left turn at the top; second uphill is just the opposite - starts very gradual and gets steep for the last 35 meters. From the top of the second hill, it’s exactly one mile to the finish, board-flat.


IT’s a great course, the last 800 feels like Marcus Whitman because you go into the woods run by a pavilion, then take a few quick turns and then you come out and around 500 to go on an all flat straightaway. It does dip down somewhere between the 200-300 left but that allows you to pick it up and drive through the shoot.


Otis wins the large-school race in 15:03, Merenda was 16 seconds back. Arlington won the team race over Burnt Hills by 20+ points.

Burnt Hills girls won the large-school race over Greenwich, with Queensbury 3rd. Only one of the Winslows ran (and won in 17:05).