Sami Spenner battles the NCAA


Why is it that high-scoring Sami Spenner of Nebraska–Omaha won’t be at the NCAA again this year? She poignantly lays it out for us.

Hello, my name is Sami Spenner and I am a track & field student-athlete at the University of Nebraska–Omaha. I specialize in the pentathlon, heptathlon, long jump and triple jump


I really never did understand why schools moving up a division have to deal with penalties.


Wow, is that an idiotic rule. Who are they trying to protect and from what?


There’s a pretty steady flow of schools trying to move up to D1 in part to get a piece of the NCAA tournament money. The waiting period prevents schools from recruiting D2 eligible athletes and using them in D1 competition (which has stricter eligibility standards, generally speaking).


I never would’ve thought of that. Thanks.

I’m certainly no apologist for the NCAA, but I will say that their rules usually have a legit purpose or intent behind them even though it may not be readily obvious, and even when they are applied in apparently idiotic ways. This seems to be one such example.



EDIT: why doesnt she take a shot at US indoors and try to qualify for worlds?