Salazar on Cain in College: Status is premature


“I still look at my college running as the best time of my life,” Salazar says. “I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that. It could be the same with her. Or she might decide that just concentrating on running will be better for career.” ~ AlSal


That would be quite interesting if she chose to forego her degree in order to just run. I can’t see parents ever being okay with that


Depending on her improvement curve (she is only a junior), it might be the right thing to do. She can still get a degree, I assume for her family money for college without a scholarship won’t be a problem. But by the time next year rolls around she may be running on par with the top American women (maybe she is now?), so why not? My gut reaction initially was go to college, but with what she has been able to do the last month, now I am not so sure.


In the article…

Whether or not Cain wears a college uniform, Salazar says she will attend college. The only question is whether she will compete for one.


Whoops. I even skimmed it too, shame on me. In that case, if it will get her to the goal in a better way, I don’t say it’s a bad thing


she can still get academic money, which from what i hear is a pretty decent possibility.


Well another option is Nike paying for education…

It’s my understanding that Ajee Wilson is getting her degree paid for by Adidas? I can’t imagine Nike wouldn’t do the same (isn’t Jager on this plan?).


Well I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s moving out to Portland when she graduates. She might ‘attend’ Portland or Oregon, but at this point I doubt if she’ll run for either of those schools. And I use the word ‘attend’ very loosely. I’d be surprised if she took more than 4-8 credits (or whatever the equivalent number of credits is for 1 or 2 classes).

Rupp was talented no doubt, but he wasn’t on the same competitive level that Cain is at now. Had he been in the same position that Cain is in, I doubt he would have attended Oregon.


Forget the money. That’s not the issue. I feel sorry for anyone whose track experience doesn’t include relays and fighting for a team {fill the blank} championship. There’s something to that which cannot be replaced IMO. I’m sure as hell glad I had it.


I’m pretty sure this is pretty much standard for anyone going professional before graduating college these days.

I agree on the importance of the team aspects and the feeling of unity, but Cain has already disassociated herself from her high school team in the name of pursuing her individual goals, so I don’t see how forgoing a college team experience is any different.


There’s nothing that says that she can’t have a team experience in college BUT if your point is that she already beyond that, I’d have to agree. Sad for her.


I don’t think that’s such a bad thing, too many athletes push themselves to help their team instead of thinking about their long term goals and development. Being part of a team may be beneficial in a perfect world but in reality it means putting your team before yourself which is not the best course of action for a future professional runner.


I really think it’s a tough call. She’s so far out in front of HS competition that it makes sense to me that she’s racing on her own against elites now. College would be some different, but there might well be a push to over-race. And, while many loved Missy Franklin still swimming with her HS team post Olympics, she also got a good bit of blowback for doing so.


Joe, I loved my team experience as well, but projecting that the route Cain appears to be taking is “sad” for her comes off as a bit condescending, to be honest. Can’t it just be different?


i agree with this, and also with the missy franklin comparison to some extent (although missy is obviously far ahead of mary WRT the rest of the world).


Agreed, regarding Missy Franklin. When I was thinking of that, I was mostly picturing her in high school meets this spring and next. Local/state ones, not national. It might be really fun to see if you could lap 2nd place in the conference 3000 championships, but would that really help her develop and how would that kind of dominance be received by others?

It seems like Franklin dealt with that by largely swimming relays in Colorado.


Anyone notice what school won the 4 x 800 in the NYS Champnshipa today? :slight_smile:


I agree.

Incidentally, I applaud her HS team for winning the NY indoor state championship 4x800 today without her.


Condescending? Bull. I think it would be sad for her to miss out on that experience. Nothing condescending about it. She might reply “I don’t care about that experience” which is her right.


I was actually thinking the same thing about your post but I know that you always want what’s best for the athletes so I let it slide, but I think Kevin has a point. Saying that missing that experience would be “sad for her” almost seems like you view the alternative as being something bad and undesirable. Nobody on these boards has ever been as good as Miss Cain. Nobody in the past decade has been as good as Miss Cain. Even Webb wasn’t THIS good this early in high school! So, we can’t use our normal rationale for this girl.
She probably would’ve won the NCAA mile this year, if not won she would’ve been top 3 no doubt… as a high school junior! I surely wouldn’t recommend to her that in two years she should be competing against competition that she could (and did earlier this year) beat now. If she chooses college then she’ll have a great time and probably love her team, if she chooses to go pro then I think she’ll love that too and probably love her training partners! Its a win win for her, no “sad for her” moment.
/end rant