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September 8th, 2018 - Panther Invitational

“I was looking forward to seeing the 27th ranked guy in the nation" - Adam Rzentkowski


Then a week later…

September 15th, 2018

In no way am I implicating any sort of trash talking but I think it is a sign of the times when we have state elites like Rzentkowski (1:58.33 / 4:16.66y / 9:28.30) who are not only willing to challenge the guys that have touched down on the national scene and in the rankings but can actually provide quite the athletic challenge to back it up. If we turned the clock back to 1996 runners not named Gabe Jennings would have been taking first row spectator seats at the big Laser Relays meet in Delafield, a time of 16:24 would’ve won the Smiley and at the Midwest meet our studs Kyle Fraser of Nicolet, Sean Tyre from Arrowhead and Nic Iverson from Verona would have yielded to other state’s top runners. For whatever reason the context of being good in Wisconsin was not in symbiosis for what was good on the national stage for a bulk of the 1990s, 1993 to 1999. Times like 4:20/9:30/16:00 were not only deified but very strong barriers that only a few went under. It seemed like because we had Gabe in 1995 and 1996 that people stopped wanting to challenge like this.


September 21st:
Smiley Invitational

September 28th:
Laser Relays & Midwest Invitational

Back on topic with the subject of the thread Rzentkowski put down a big time while running relatively solo at Smiley. This is a kid who is probably capable of a 15:37-15:38 at the Ridges.


@Zen, This isn’t trash talking. Rzentkowski has taken his fitness to another level. His latest results have confirmed this by his breaking of two course records previously held by Benji Eidenschink who is a solid contributor on the UW Madison CC team.

Rzentkowski is highly motivated and obviously in great shape! It is fun to watch a kid get excited about the success he is having and working towards his goals!


Saw him run at Lourdes and he made it looks easy on a squishy course that day. He isn’t quite a Bosley but I think he could stay inside 20 seconds from Bosley. I think he is built a bit like Chris Solkinsky. Really strong looking legs and powerful frame for a teenager.


Being that Rosholt is near Stevens Point it makes for great conversation to use Rzentkowski’s in the same sentence as Chris Solinsky.

Based on his runs at the Smiley and in the Rapids I think we have someone who is comparable to the 2000 Chris Solinsky and it fits for a number of reasons. I would not be ready to just hand him a D3 state title but I think on a dry day these guys can go under 15:40 and possibly under 15:30. Anytime you get kids going that fast others get pulled along. Great opportunity for D3 athletes this year.


I know he is running the 3200 tomorrow but his recent meet showed me he is in awesome shape. In a very non competitive meet he ran the 400/800 double in 51.2 and 1:57 flat (2:10 was second). That is a hard double first of all but second of all if he can run an open 51.2 in mid April he could for sure break 50 flat in the open by state. That is really good for a guy running the 2 mile and surprised me a bit. If a guy with his endurance (hopefully close to 9 flat 2 mile later today) can get his open 400 closer to 49 flat by June (which means he can split 48 in a relay, than he has a chance of breaking the state record in the 800. Probably not enough competition in class c but I am surprised by his 400 speed out of the blocks already, assuming he used blocks. Alternatively this could mean he has already been doing tons of speed work but I doubt it purely given the weather unless he has great indoor facilities


We have all been spoiled by such high standards these past 6 or seven years with kids running 4:13s indoors, under 8:50 at Arcadia and sub-4:10s before state. Rzentkowski might be having a more natural progression and we are blinded by our renewed expectations. I would like to see this kid hold his momentum until state. If he and Vannucchi get after it in a good 1600 where they are on pace for a 4:10, no telling what could happen if Rzentkowski’s adrenaline is pumping at the end while he responds to the crowd helping him transcend to a new level. You cant really reference a coaching manual for those things simply have to be patient and allow the stars to align. If they are on state record pace and already into it he might explode at the end. Very strong looking kid with the ability to be at 50.x in the open makes for something definitely worth watching.


It’s getting serious: in a dual meet with spash rzentkowski throws down a 1:55.91 dragging baby milkowski to a late April sub 2 himself. Would love to see him run that 800 against someone who can push him. We may not see that this year. He can definitely go 1:53s the question is can he go 1:51s. Separately if milkowski can get his 4x800 split into the mid 150s and Franz peaks well spash has a shot as they have a lot of low 2 guys already (jake lepac ran 2;02 in the duel). They may have to move up a 400 meter runner. Assuming madoch is healthy Middleton May be too tough but they may not want to run Easton and madoch scratched at palatine so spash is looking like a contender.


Rosholt @ Stevens Point
April 23rd, 2019

1 1:55.91 Adam Rzentkowski 12 Rosholt
2 1:59.69 Blake Milkowski 12 Stevens Point
3 2:02.52 Jake Lepak 11 Stevens Point
4 2:06.01 Max Sobczak 12 Stevens Point
5 2:07.59 Ethan Pelot 11 Stevens Point
6 2:08.85 Christian Manthey 11 Stevens Point
7 2:09.86 Zach Lepak 12 Rosholt
8 2:11.61 Cade Bowker 12 Rosholt


Was a little worried since I saw he had a setback recently where he finished 6th at the waupaca invite running 2:07. (4 guys were 2:01 or better). He bounced back a few days later and won the 400 in 51s in a small meet so I’m gonna guess he was either sore or sick on May 2nd when he had that off race.


Rzentkowski triples at conference with an 800 of 1:54.7 winning by 15 seconds…he won the mile in 4:42 and was second to his teammate in the 3200 in 10:40 (gave a gift to his teammate?). 1:54 solos are pretty incredible and very rare in our state history. In a different conference his rival vannucchi also tripled and won all 3 with a sub 2 800 as his fastest effort of the 3 races although his 3200 was more honest around 10 flat