Rupp - Teg - Ritz


The Ritz - Teg - Rupp 10000m trio is the forefront of American Distance running in its purest form. All are natural born Americans and extremely decorated runners. To recap the trials, Galen Rupp seemed to be in the best physical shape of his life which allowed him to outlast Dathan Ritzenhein and out distance the late push of Matt Tegenkamp, both attempting their third Olympic trials. Ritz and Teg deserved their Olympic berths due to their long-term focus, wisdom and undying passion to represent the United States.

In an age context, Rupp is still the ‘pup’ of this group despite being experienced and the American Record holder. I’d imagine he still very much respects and looks up to the other two. While timing may favor Rupp to yield the best finish in the Olympic Games, his two mentors bring incredible depth to our representation in London and quite an interesting dynamic. How do you think they’ll fare at the Games?


I was mostly with you until “wisdom.”


i also enjoy the implication that those 2 are the only ones with an undying passion to represent the US.


I felt that wisdom comment should be directed at mostly Tegenkamp. He carefully picked his races and peaked exactly at the right time. That takes wisdom which seems to be lacking from others of his era. To respond to his thinking that this may establish his legacy in the sport, it most certainly does. Ritz more or less forced his way into the games this time around. He was left with two tasks at the Trials: (1) finish top three and (2) hit the A-standard. He did both.


All sub 13 runners…definitely believe this is the best team the US out of that field.


They both executed well, yes.


They simply wanted it more out there, Craig. Now back to Nadine in the studio.


You guys think we’ll see a team-oriented plan in London? I do. I cannot recall the tactics of previous 10000m runners at the world level but I think between Dathan and Galen being teammates and Teg having been a part of that Wisco style of pack running we’ll yield the best results we’ve ever had at the world level.


will be tough for ritz to help rupp at all and i dont see teg/ritz working together.


to the emboldened: why not?


i dont see them actively working against each other, but i just dont see them sacrificing or altering their race plan for the other.


Usually the 10000m at the Olympic games is somewhat tactical, right? So it’s not necessarily Rupp controlling the pace.


1 Kenenisa Bekele ETH 27:01.17 (OR)
2 Sileshi Sihine ETH 27:02.77 .
3 Micah Kogo KEN 27:04.11 (SB)
4 Moses Ndiema Masai KEN 27:04.11 (SB)
5 Zersenay Tadese ERI 27:05.11 .
6 Haile Gebrselassie ETH 27:06.68 .
7 Martin Irungu Mathathi KEN 27:08.25 (PB)
8 Ahmad Hassan Abdullah QAT 27:23.75 (SB)
9 Fabiano Joseph Naasi TAN 27:25.33 .
10 Boniface Toroitich Kiprop UGA 27:27.28 .
11 Selim Bayrak TUR 27:29.33 (NR)
12 Kidane Tadasse ERI 27:36.11 .
13 Galen Rupp USA 27:36.99 (SB)
14 Dickson Marwa Mkami TAN 27:48.03 .
15 Abdihakem Abdirahman USA 27:52.53 .
16 Abdellah Falil MAR 27:53.14 .
17 Juan Carlos de la Ossa ESP 27:54.20 .
18 Hasan Mahboob BRN 27:55.14 .
19 Dieudonné Disi RWA 27:56.74 .
20 Essa Ismail Rashed QAT 27:58.67 .
21 Samwel Shauri TAN 28:06.26 .
22 Felix Kikwai Kibore QAT 28:11.92 .
23 Carles Castillejo ESP 28:13.68 .
24 Ayad Lamdassem ESP 28:13.73 .
25 Jorge Torres USA 28:13.93 .
26 Surendra Kumar Singh IND 28:13.97 .
27 Günther Weidlinger AUT 28:14.38 .
28 Kensuke Takezawa JPN 28:23.28 .
29 Juan Carlos Romero MEX 28:26.57 .
30 Sergey Ivanov RUS 28:34.72 .
31 Takayuki Matsumiya JPN 28:39.77 .
32 Teklemariam Medhin ERI 28:54.33 .
33 Eric Gillis CAN 29:08.10 .
34 Rui Pedro Silva POR 29:09.03 .
35 Alejandro Suárez MEX 29:24.78 .
. Cuthbert Nyasango ZIM DNF .
. David Galván MEX DNF .
. Mohamed El Hachimi MAR DNF .
. Khoudir Aggoune ALG DNS


The best way Ritz and Teg can help Rupp is to probably make sure they are not in his way when we get down the the last 800m… I’m sure some lowly scrub from a random african country will be willing to do most of the pace work early so Teg helping out with that will not be necessary. If that doesn’t happend I am sure the Kenyan contingent will do some work to make the pace brisk (like in 2008) so hopefully they will have a better chance to beat Bekele/Farah.

I imagine Ritz is dellusional enough to think that he has a legidimate medal chance so he wouldn’t want to waste his energy doing any pacing.


I think there is a strong chance of an OR in something like 13:40-13:20 or so.

I think Rupp will finish 4-6th based on factors impossible to know this far out. I just don’t see him beating more than 1 Kenyan, Kenny B, AND Mo Farah. Ritz and Teg may well PR but this is the big time, getting a PR in a championship race is good for a pat on the back.


Are three USA finishes in the top 15 possible?


doubtful. Either ritz or teg will blow up. Happened last year with 2/3 guys, that was a disgrace to watch.


Well one of those guys was Bauhs; his performance in Daegu wasn’t exactly surprising, even if it was rather disgraceful.


Your last ten words are probably correct, but it will have nothing to do with team tactics.

Two reasons:

  1. The Americans, as a group, aren’t good enough to influence the race.
  2. Rupp has an outside shot at a medal, Ritzenhein has no shot but his sports psychologist will convince him he does, and Tegenkamp won’t take away from his race plan to help those two. This isn’t helping Bumbalough in the five last year at USAs.


I find it very hard to imagine any sort of American “team tactics.” The only way team tactics come into play at the world level is if there is one dominant runner on the “team” who will benefit greatly from having the field towed along at a fast pace. Neither Ritz nor Teg is capable of towing the field for long enough in an elite 10k to drop any contenders. And frankly, I would be pretty disgusted if either of them sacrificed himself for Rupp’s benefit.

On another point, the sarcastic shots at Ritz’s race mentality in this thread seem a little off-base. Virtually every competitor in an Olympic final will go to the line believing he has some chance – even if only a miniscule one – of medaling. It would be much more concerning if an athlete at Ritz’s level were to approach the race as if he were just some shmuck along for the ride. Obviously he is nowhere near his 12:56 form, and won’t be a month from now either, but to have a chance, you have to believe you have a chance. Crazier things have happened. It did sound absurd to hear Ritz comparing his current fitness to his 2009 fitness, but he’s not in terrible shape, either – he just ran 27:36 leading for most of the race.


If there are team tactics (which I do not think there will be), I think it will be jumbled at best. Teg I feel will be left out of the Rupp/Ritz bromance.