Running is a Struggle


Hey guys,

For the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to run 5 miles without feeling like I’m going to die. I get a mile or two into the run and I feel okay, but then I hit a wall and it feels like my bronchioles and bronchi constrict so no oxygen can get in. I start wheezing and the end of the run is very exhausting/painful. No, it is not anemia because I had that two years ago and still take iron supplements to this day (and I recently got my blood checked and my levels were fine). I just really want an answer right now and this is very frustrating. I’ll be a sophomore in college next year and really want to make my team’s top 7, but if I continue to feel like this, no way that will happen. For some background, my PR in the mile is 4:17 (senior year in high school) and I could only run 4:06 in the 1500 this spring (haven’t really felt myself since that 4:17 last june). Any ideas on what could be wrong with me?

Also, I have not changed my diet, sleeping patterns, or anything like that in the past year.


You know, just a thought…

Could you have asthma? Because I have asthma, and that is exactly what I feel when I run without my inhaler.


You also should get a full set of allergy tests. I’ve had teammates with similar symptoms.




On the asthma note you could have work enduced asthma, which would mean you don’t really have any asthma symptoms unless you really strain your body.