Running Health and General Nutrition


Hey guys! I though a thread for running nutrition would be beneficial, as opposed to many specific threads about a single thought. So feel free to post any thoughts or questions about nutrition, running, and health.

So to get started, what supplements or vitamins (if any) do you guys take?


I believe a healthy CONSISTENT diet is key if you want to see any benefits from it. I eat pretty much the same kinds of things for lunch the last 2 years and it works great. I think breakfast is very key also.

Honestly you don’t need to be super picky and write down what you eat every day and count your calories. My coach is good friends with Alan Webb and asked him about his diet many times Alan ate the same thing for lunch every day in high school a sub along with other snacks. I either eat subway or bring my own sandwich fruits snacks, yogurt with oats to add baked lays chips (healthy version) and water or milk. I always eat similar things for breakfast oatmeal, eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice, fruits, cereal… So many healthy options hard not to eat healthy you just need to get yourself up and get it in.

And as far as supplements I believe strongly what Steve Magness preaches on his website and via twitter. He believes multivitamins are bad long term. I myself take a calcium,mag, zinc with added vitamin D once or twice a day along with fish oil. Vitamin d and calcium have strong evidence to reduce musculoskeletal injuries. And fish oil reduces inflammation and helps you recover. Salazar thinks this is an important one.

Good read here about supplements also

Just get healthy foods and learn how to read labels. Whole wheat pastas and breads, fruits, veggies, fish, chicken, lean beef, milk, beans, spinach salads. So many good options out there.


milk and lots of it


What’s Magness’ problem with multi-vitamins?


Bad long term. Studied linked to cancers. Ppl in our society use them as a source not to eat healthy but that doesn’t work they are synthetic. I’ve been off them for 6 weeks and I just eat more fruit and veggies I actually feel a lot better.

I just make sure I take an iron supplement a few times a week just as a precautions. And as you can see taking them at wrong times and certain antioxidants mess with your adaptations


I take iron once daily and just plain eat healthy as much as possible. Hydration is key too!


I like to take Calcium and D3 because I spent three months recovering from a stress fracture last year. I also take CoQ10 and Fish Oil for heart health and anti-inflammatory properties.


It’s important to make sure you’re getting enough fats. Important for many bodily functions including hormone regulation. If you start blindly restricting your diet to the traditionally “healthy” foods (only lean meats, skim milk, etc.) you may find yourself deficient in fats. 0.45 grams per pound of body weight per day is a good minimum target to hit.

If you’re looking for good general nutrition information not specific to running, check out the nutrition forum. I started lurking there a few months ago, got a lot of misconceptions cleared up.


And these should be mostly animal fats.


Plus a lot of the vitamins put into a multi supplement counteract one another, like calcium and iron.

I have 3 types of iron taking a different one everyday, so the body doesnt get accustom to the same one. My friend/old teammate actually is on a schedule of 3,2,1,0 repeat with iron pills and that actually has been very effective for him. He said last time he was 118 I believe, but he has access to monthly testing which is important.


Does anyone have thoughts or experience with glucosamine?


Studies show mixed results. Strength training will do more good for you than the pill. I wouldn’t spend the money…better training and being more consistent does you more good than anything that is out there.


Took that stuff for about a year with no noticeable results.


What are everyone’s thoughts on thyroid medication :slight_smile:

Actually on a serious note I know there actually is a market for this stuff. It might be just me being naive but it kinda shocked me when I was talking to a local triathlete about nutrition and it was brought up. She apparently had been using it for over a year and said there are a lot more endurance athletes then you think using it, even on the age group and non-professional levels.

I do know the stuff can really mess the body up though, which is probably why it helps that the O.Project can get lab work anytime they need to.


I eat cereal for breakfast basically every day, but I feel like cereal and (lactose-free) milk isn’t the best breakfast I could be eating as a runner. What do you guys recommend? Do you think cereal is a healthy breakfast? Are there particular cereals that trump others in terms of health?


Fruit. Fruit is good food.


Cody Orton says bacon egg and cheese for race days.


I’m sorry Cody… did you not understand lactose free? :rolleyes:


A lot of overweight people have thyroid issues, and probably a lot of middle aged people. So it makes sense to me that age group and non-professionals would be on some type of medication. Elite athletes thats another story since the perscription seems to be easy to get lol. Until it gets on a ban list though I have no problem with it they should probably crack down on fake scripts though too.


I don’t put a ton of thought into my diet but I try to eat pretty healthy most of the time, just don;t over anaylze that part of my training. The only vitamins I take are Multi and B12. Even if multi is not as good as taking them indivdualy and may reduce the potency of some of the substances present I’d rather let my body process 1 pill rather than about 12 daily. For me it is also way cheaper.

B12 apparently produces red blood cells never really noticed a difference while taking this, I guess its minimal anyways. Anyone else use b12?

Also what are your thoughts on Beet Juice? Seems to be a very big fad at the moment. A guy I know just did a study on it for his masters looking forward to the results.