Runners who have improved greatly over the years


Was looking through old results and found this pretty interesting…

Both times are from the JV race at Angel in 2008.

82 Nick Petersson Brookfield Central Freshman 20:29
91 Steve Nelson Kenosha St. Joseph Freshman 20:40

This year’s times for them from Angel-

6 Nick Petersson Brookfield Central H.S. 16:02.0 3:12/K 12
16 Steven Nelson Kenosha St. Joseph H.S. 16:31.1 3:18/K 12


That is awesome. Every freshman that isn’t running in the 16’s or 17’s should be shown that. It is always nice to see examples of kids that weren’t stars as young runners that end up being pretty darn good.


Early JV 3200m for Thomas Breitbach:

3200 Meter Run                    
1    Chris Arndt        Marquette        10:44.62            
2    Casey Ernsting        Marquette        10:46.82            
3    Mike Ziegler        Marquette        10:46.83            
4    Tim Dahms        Waukesha West        11:04.90            
5    Kyle Kluth        Arrowhead        11:16.29            
6    Andrew Zwirlein        Arrowhead        11:19.39            
7    Drew Linder        Arrowhead        11:33.17            
8    Joe Beckwith        Wauwatosa East        11:42.21            
9    Travis Rusch        Menomonee Falls        11:42.68            
10    David Bjerke        Waukesha South        11:46.44            
11    Ben Mich        Wauwatosa East        11:59.49            
[B]12    Tom Breitbach        Muskego            12:02.67    [/B]        
13    Brad Wigh        Grafton            12:12.78            
14    Luke Stockhausen    Menomonee Falls        12:18.45            
15    Jefferson Sosa        Waukesha South        12:20.82            
16    Nate Schwabenlan    Menomonee Falls        12:28.52            
17    Tom Brownlow        Muskego            12:36.20            
18    Kyle Beczkiewicz    Muskego            12:36.80            
19    Ben Nash        Kettle Moraine        13:20.65            
20    Ted Scofis        Kettle Moraine        13:36.63    

Last HS 3200m for Thomas Breitbach:

Boys 3200 Meter Run Division 1
State Record: * 8:57.73  2005        Chris Rombough, New London                
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points
  1 Matt Mroczynski           12 Pulaski                9:09.73    10  
  2 Joshua Lund               12 Janesvl Crag           9:14.67     8  
 [B] 3 Tom Breitbach             12 Muskego                9:15.61     6  [/B]
  4 Elliot Krause             11 Appleton N             9:19.06     5  
  5 Joe Stilin                11 Milw King              9:19.13     4  
  6 Jack Hackett              11 Port Washing           9:24.82     3  
  7 Sean Olson                12 Menomonie              9:26.39     2  
  8 Derek Storkel             10 Tomah                  9:28.18     1  
  9 Mathias Werve             12 Kenosha Trem           9:28.22  
 10 Brett Kelly               10 Madison West           9:29.77  
 11 Andrew Christiansen       11 Neenah                 9:32.25  
 12 Kevin Romenesko           12 Kimberly               9:32.42  
 13 Ben Garbe                 12 WI Lutheran            9:35.97  
 14 Keith Schueller           11 Germantown             9:40.52  
 15 Logan Ekstrom             11 River Falls            9:44.36  
 16 Adam Zais                 11 Hudson                 9:44.56  
 17 Jake Burow                11 Fort Atkinsn           9:45.78  
 18 John Prusynski            11 Madison La Folle       9:46.41  
 19 Tim Thornburg             12 Kettle Moran           9:48.29  
 20 Tyler Morey               12 Kimberly               9:52.56  
 21 David Feather             11 S Milwaukee            9:54.55  
 22 Spencer Houk              10 Sun Prairie            9:55.67  
 23 Jason Smith               12 Stevens Point          9:56.70  
 24 Ben Orvold                12 Hamilton              10:00.48


Older examples but great ones.
John Mickowski 04’ Mukwonago graduate. CC: 16:14 5k HS pr.
Ran at Army. 2007-30:07 NCAA East Regionals 10K CC for 7th place.
Eventual 3:39 1500m PR.

Serena Burla (Ramsey) 2001 Waukesha West graduate. CC 14:27 4k pr.
Ran at Missouri. 2010-1:10:08 1/2 marathon. 10th fastest US woman time ever.

Emily Brown- another great example. Very good runner in HS. lower 14’s for 4k if i remember correctly. Now 15:15 5k PR.

No matter the talent level, shows the improvement that can be made with hard work and consistent training. No matter what the level: HS, College, post…


Can we even consider Molly Seidel here? 15:00 at Angel her freshman year, now running 13:10. She is one of those girls who was good her freshman year, like a lot of girls are, but she has improved immensely year after year and shows no signs of slowing up.


A name from the past, early 1980’s; Keith Hanson from Spash. Don’t know the exact times, but he ran around a 3:30 for the 800 in 7th grade and in 9th grade he was one of the last kids on jv in his first few cross country meets.

He ended up being a state champion in cross country, finished in the top 10 at Footlocker, ran 8:56 in the 2 mile (8:53 equivalent) his senior year of track and then went on to become a 4 time All-American at Marquette, winning the national 10k title in his senior year.


How about another one from the 80’s. Dan Held of Homestead was a good high school and college runner. I think he was around a 9:40 3200 meter runner and finished somewhere around 18th at the D3 nationals while running for Eau Claire. It was after college however where he really took off, running at a world class level with a low 28 minute 10k and a 2:12 marathon pr. Currently in his mid 40’s and he still beats most of the younger guys.


Sorry, was just going off of memory. His marathon pr is 2:13 at Boston and he finished as high as 10th at the NAIA national cross country meet, back when a lot of the state schools ran both NCAA D3 and NAIA.


I know I’m biased here but another one is Rich Scopp from Pius XI. He ran in the early 80s and ran low 4:50s in the mile as a freshman, he ended up running 4:18 his senior year and ran 3:47 in the 1500 to win d3 nats running for North Central in 1989.


Big bias because he’s my teammate but how about Evan Lewandowski from Medford? 16:34 high school cross country PR and ran 24:50 for an 8k at the GLVC championships last week.


Event 1 Boys 5k Run CC

Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points          

1 Olson, Mitch Whitnall 18:08.00 1
2 McKee, Danny Hamilton 18:56.00 2
3 Wall, Demetrius Whitnall 19:33.00 3
4 Lewin, Kyle Arrowhead 19:45.00 4
5 Beal, Brian Whitnall 19:46.00 5


I think the Journal/


Nice article on Alejandro from Wisconsin Lutheran in the Journal/Sentinel. I think his story fits this thread very well. Great story.


Interesting. he just gained citizenship this month? Are you even allowed to compete in the WIAA if you aren’t a citizen???
if not then the scores would obviously be drastically different(Nekoosa champs)


[quote=>-CCwiz->;278922]Interesting. he just gained citizenship this month? Are you even allowed to compete in the WIAA if you aren’t a citizen???
if not then the scores would obviously be drastically different(Nekoosa champs)[/quote]
If that is a rule, would it make a difference for state since he had it by sectionals?


Well he competed in meets before sectionals I assume right? thats where it would make a difference. and it did not say the actual date he acquired it in the article, just that he got it in the month of october…


I don’t know the high school rules all that well, but I am pretty sure if you are enrolled in the school and are the proper age, you are eligible. Foreign exchange students compete on teams all the time. The great team from York High School in Illinois had a runner named Marius Bakken compete for them for several years and he was from Norway I believe and was definitely not a U.S. citizen. I am sure all of this was confirmed with the WIAA, but hopefuly someone with more knowledge of the actual rules can respond.


Here is another example…LUKAS VERZBICAS


Verzbikas has been a citizen since he was like 7 years old.:rolleyes:


Not according to this