Royal Families of WI Distance Running


Coined this term in approximately 2012. A royal family first becomes eligible with a single Wisconsin state champion and their prominence is further cultivated by at least three or more family members (extended or in-laws count) who have displayed similar athletic prowess. The term prowess means preferably additional state championship tallies but very slight modifications can be made to this rule if there exists someone else in the lineage who helped re-shape their respective landscape or the entirety of our own state landscape through their contributions on/off the track (coaching, memorials, staffing at meets, etc.).

Royal Families:

Hacker - Lacy of Menomonee Falls/McFarland/Madison

Steve Lacy Cathy Hacker >

  • Tim Lacy
  • Andrew Lacy
  • Shane Lacy

Mike Hacker
Jeff Hacker

  • Kendall Hacker
    Dave Hacker Peggy >

  • Nicole Hacker

  • Anissa Hacker

Tim Hacker

  • Sam Hacker
  • Wilson Hacker
  • Olin Hacker
  • Vivian Hacker

Bill Hacker

Mulrooney - Hanson of Prairie du Chien/Beloit/Dodgeville/Arrowhead/Madison/La Crosse

John Mulrooney >

  • Pat Mulrooney
  • Mike Mulrooney >
    • Jackie Mulrooney

Joe Hanson Anne Mulrooney >

  • Michaela Courtney
  • Molly Hanson
  • Mary Hanson

Jim Hanson >

  • Joseph Hanson

Easker - Branta of Wittenberg-Birnamwood/Slinger

Mike Easker
John Easker Cathy Branta >

  • Bethany Easker
  • Aaron Easker
  • Matt Easker

Stintzi of Menomonee Falls

Steve Stintzi
John Stintzi
Jim Stintzi
Joe Stintzi

McDonald - Eichner of Oshkosh/Wauwatosa

DH McDonald >

  • Don McDonald Sylvia Eichner >
    • DT McDonald
    • Clare McDonald
    • Maeve McDonald
    • Mackenzie McDonald

Claire Eichner
Joe Eichner

McClimon of Madison

Don McClimon >

  • Chris McClimon
  • Colleen McClimon
  • Molly McClimon

McKenna of Madison

Matt Mckenna
Erin Mckenna
Joe Mckenna
Kelli McKenna

Ramsey of Brookfield/Waukesha

Chris Ramsey >

  • Jennifer Ramsey
  • Matt Ramsey
  • Serena Burla (Ramsey)
  • Emily Ramsey

Miehe of Belmont/Darlington

Mark Miehe
Arnie Miehe >

  • Tyson Miehe
  • Kent Miehe
  • Hana Miehe

Parker of Easton, PA/Neenah

Jeff Parker Sharon Lukenda >

  • Chris Parker
  • Alison Parker
  • Jessica Parker
  • Jennifer Parker

Taddy of Two Rivers

Chris Taddy
Ted Taddy
Marcia Taddy
Trina Taddy James Terp

  • Carly Terp
  • Kristy Terp

Schaller of Neenah

Dave Schaller
Dan Schaller
Eileen Schaller
Kathy Schaller

The reason I am bringing this up again is that Kav FitzPatrick won the D2 state cross country meet. This is interesting not only because his older sister, Delaney, won both D1 and D2 in the 1600 but their father, Kevin, is the coach of the post-2000 revived Lakeland Union cross country program and their brother, Mack, may have in fact been a third state champion in distance running had he specialized in it. Very hard to justify him as a potential state champion having not done it but Mack chose to focus his efforts in cross country skiing where he is not only a Wisconsin state champion but skis collegiately for Harvard too. Delaney graduated from Yale and is attending Minnesota for graduate school.

What do we think about adding the FitzPatrick’s to the Royal Family classification?

  • Yes, the FitzPatrick’s are a royal family
  • No, doesn’t fit yet
  • Unsure

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I voted doesn’t fit yet.

Noticing the Schallers from Neenah on the bottom of the list, I did not see Andrew Schaller (whom I can only assume is related) under the family.

He was Class of 2001 and while he was not a great runner by any means, he was on a few of Neenah’s state qualifying CC teams


A Hacker ran for McFarland at the State Meet this year.

Last year at the Great Lakes Regional, I couldn’t figure out why after the meet a runner from Purdue wanted to have her picture taken with Olin Hacker. Looks like a first cousin (daughter of Jeff).

Kendall Hacker

Kendall’s younger brother Krey had a good high school career in California - 1:59, 4:25, 9:57, 16:03.


Can you give a reason why?


Not sure if it’s on the Taddy side of the family, but Sam Bianchi of Two Rivers (4:19 1600, 3rd at D2 state) is cousin to the Terp sisters. I would have to agree that FitzPatricks are Wisconsin royalty as well; Kevin coached the women’s program at UW Oshkosh for awhile and I love seeing coaches putting small(ish) northwoods schools on the state radar.


If this information ends up being incorrect I will apologize and delete the comment, but looking through the sectional results, I noticed that the top runner for Two Rivers is Anna Gallagher. I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that she is the daughter of head coach Amy (Erickson) Gallagher, who was the D2 state 3200 champion in 1994, and an All-American for Marquette University. This would also make her the grand daughter of multi-time WISAA state champion, and former Two Rivers head coach, Greg Erickson. I don’t know if Anna can challenge Feyen and Martensen for the state title, but based on her sectional time, and beating Kravlovetz, I would think she will be in the medals for sure.


The Erickson’s, the Taddy’s and the Terp’s might all be connected, I don’t want to dig too deep but maybe someone else will. Terp’s are second generation Taddy’s (or third).


Somewhat appropriate for this thread. It appears that Drew’s grandfather and Andy’s father, Rick Bosley, ran in a few State CC meets back in the late 50’s for Milwaukee East and Riverside, respectively.


Fascinating, if accurate. Riverside Cross Country, the historical gift that keeps on giving!!!


What’s great about cross country is a non athlete can work very very hard over 4 years and potentially make varsity and compete effectively. It’s a sport where hard work is rewarded. If your short basketball is out, soccer and tennis are skill sports, football you need to be big strong and fast at most schools. But cross country you can be nerdy and not really good at anything else and at some point break 20, maybe 19 possibly 18 and for those that transform their body into an athletes mold even 17. That being said the national elite and most of the state elite the number 1 determinant is most likely genetics followed by probably being mentally strong and still hard work but at a different level. It’s all about the gene pool at the top level. This should not take away from the bosleys, the hackers, the hylands etc those kids run hard and compete and deserve their success and of course a few kids can figure out a path to be at the elite level with less than optimal genes but overall it’s a great team sport for finding kids who develop character and make themselves into a competitive athlete when in 7th-8th grade they weren’t but at the top end it’s all DNA. Given average kids can find a way to break 17 a good program that develops many kids can find a way to make/do well at state without the elite athletes as we all know 5 guys under 17 can be a great team at the state level although a low 1 stick does help