Rotating Trainers?


I wasn’t getting anything in the “post your trainers” thread so I’ll just copy and paste here.

Leaving for college in two weeks and was wondering if ya’ll rotate your trainers at all? I never usually get anything serious when it comes to injuries but more just little tweeks that will cause me to miss a little bit of time and I’ve been looking at possibly rotating trainers to try and help rid this.

Current trainer:

Love the structure triax. This will be my second pair I’ve gone through now. Should I just go ahead and get another pair of structure triax’s to use one pair one day and another for the next day? Or should I go with something lighter or something that will help use some different muscles in the legs to try and reduce some of these “tweeks” in the future?


i rotate between streak xc2s and kinvaras, seem to work well for me. would do all my running in the streaks if i could, but i always find my calves tightening up if i run in them too much, so the kinvaras are for the extra cush


I rotate 2-3 pairs of shoes, wearing a different shoe each day. It’s nice to switch it up and give your feet a different feel. I wouldn’t buy another pair of the same shoe, but it’s up to you.


I know people who have their longer run shoes and then they use another shoe for tempos and stuff. It doesnt sound like a bad idea if you can afford it. But I also know a few guys who have 2 sets of the same shoes and they use one in the morning then the other pair when they go on a second run. I guess it lets the foam going back to its og shape and makes they last a little longer.


agreed, I like a bulkier shoe (the vomero) and then I mix in the peg’s and the NB 890’s… both are less bulky… the perfect combination I have ever found was the vomero and the skylon… what I would do to get another pair of those