Rosein beats Jaworski in sub 55 400M


Rumor or fact. Spash’s Roisin Willis defeated Wausau West’s Brooke Jaworski in the 400M with both record 54+ times in the event. Will the state record fall here?


Personally I train with roisin and she is only a freshman so I bet that she beats the state record.


Did these two in fact run against each other last week in the open 400M in an invitational and Roisin reputedly beat Jaworski in the 400M in a sub 55 time. I heard this from a Spash fan a couple days ago.


Brooke got caught at the end. Was at the meet. IMO, shes just opening up her outdoor season so I don’t expect her to be beat again. Link below.


Video of the race starts at about 2:53.30.

Complete Myrhum Video


Brooke ran a :54.something at the conference meet Tuesday. We’ll see shortly if either/both will run it in the meets next week.


Wouldn’t surprise me to see Brooke in the 400, 300H, LJ and Roisin in the 1600, 800, 4x4.


Wouldn’t be shocked to see Willis in the 1600, 400 and 800. Race the 1600 day 1 just to win, do just enough in her 400 heat to advance, give whatever she has has in the 800 to end day 1 and set the record. Go for it in the 400 day 2 to go for the record. If all finals were on day 2, couldn’t see this happening. The way it is set up, maybe she can pull it off. Would be a heck of a triple to attempt.


The 400, 800, 1600 for Willis is interesting. As with all individual triples the trick is to get through the Regionals and then Sectionals with the legs still under you. She would need to be sub-5:10 and 2:18 at the slowest at the Sectionals to be safe for the fast heat at State. As a fan I’d love to see it, but I would be very surprised if it wasn’t 800, 1600 and 4x400.

We’ll know on Friday.


Raise your hand if you saw this coming:

Jaworski: 100H, 300H, 400, LJ

Willis: 800, 4x400


The cynic in me says this is a convoluted way for the two not to have to race each other again.

The pragmatist in me says that Brooke is probably focusing on the events that Texas wants her to focus on, and Roisin really, really, really, really wants that 800 record.