Rosa at Pac 12


Joe 23:35 and 6th place for runner-up Stanford. Jim 24:44


Joe Rosa is running well, leading his team all year. Seems a good chance for him to be All-American in Louisville. Saw an entertaining photo of Oregon’s top two, Portland defect Trevor Dunbar and Parker Stinson, coming towards finish, smiling, holding jersey, sticking out tongue, #1 sign. I found this entertaining, as they were finishing 3-4 in the race, well back of Arizona’s duo, and the team wound up 3rd, only 4 points ahead of ASU, well behind Stanford, and even more well behind Colorado. Speaking of, Wetmore has done a fantastic job with this group, winning again here, 10 second 1-5 spread, without Joe Bosshard, a two-time top 20 NCAA guy, and Ammar Moussa. Morgan Pearson ran well, 18th in 24:04. Buffs have a shot to win NCAA. OkState is very good. Wisconsin should be very good.

Stanford and Portland should be close at the regional in Seattle. My Pilots beat BYU by one at the conference.

Did not see any Princeton men holding out jersey, doing #1 sign, smirking as they were finishing a race that they were winning in dominating fashion, by the way. Great win for them, very happy and proud new coach. NJ guys Udland, Vitez and MacDonald all ran smart, closed well.

Also, Kellner is a monster. Great win close to home. Cool to see.