Soooo… he’s hoping we’ll collectively have Obamnesia and forget the last 4 years, then? :rolleyes:


What a world/country we live in when some cute little turn of phrase is front page news, yet climate change is mentioned a grand total of zero times in the debates.


There is no such thing as global warming


Why in the world would he want us to forget the last 4 years?

At the end of 2008:
Losing 800,000 jobs per month
-8.9% GDP growth
DJIA at 6600
War in Iraq
Bin Laden alive
US auto industry on the brink of collapse
Manufacturing (PMI) at 33.1

30 straight months of private sector job growth
3 straight years of GDP growth
DJIA at 13300
No war in Iraq
Bin Laden dead
US auto industry thriving, over 1 million jobs saved
Manufacturing (PMI) at 51.5

Is everything hunky dory? Nope. But it sure as hell is a lot better than it was.

It sure is something. I guess you have to remember that most undecided voters are low information voters. Then again, they are the ones who decide the election a lot of years.


October 20 Word of the Day. That’s me.


Phris- You can’t be serious. I’m not some Romney supporter and I don’t think the President really impacts the economy, but your facts are hilariously non-contextual. Private Sector Job growth- bumps along at about population growth, which is fine except for those couple million who lost jobs in '08-'09. Same with GDP. Obama followed the Iraq timetable laid out years in advance under Bush (if Obama is so great at winding down wars what about Afghanland, Gitmo, drone strikes in 5-7 other countries). US Auto industry- what a fvcking joke. You’re right though, over the short time any US company can succeed when it has the taxpayers provide it with a couple billion. Now if we’d only bailed out bank tellers who lost to ATMs and buggy whip salesmen who lost out to cars…


you said private sector.


Obama campaigned on fighting the Afghan war harder, and Congress won’t fund the closing of GITMO.


Guantanamo is a thing of the past, anyway. Why hold people without charging them, without access to a lawyer, etc. when you can just kill them without bothering about Congressional, international, or really any kind of oversight or approval?