Rolling Schedule


Enjoyed it today. The state finals schedule leaves way too much time between races on Saturday. I don’t think rolling schedule is answer going forward but we do not need 30 minutes for three 4x1s nor an hour for three two mile races.


I think the biggest reason they do it is to make sure the athletes get the most rest between events that they can, so it ensures great performances throughout the meet. I could tell that most guys who did the 32/16 double were feeling the short rest when the mile came aroud. Except Keelan. He doesn’t count


This. I also read (and heard on the live stream) it seemed like a lot of athletes DQ’d because they did not check in on time because they were flying through the meet. Taking an hour for 3 two miles is fine, it’s the state meet give more rest and also give time to recognize the award stand.


Three kids were Dqed on Friday for not checking in on time.


I understand this, but a long time ago there was only one class and they did not get nearly as much as rest today. I liked the rolling schedule yesterday: 1. because I didn’t leave the stands once or even sit down, 2. it was somewhat close to the short rest that Virgin and all the old guys had. It is usually isn’t great conditions at the state meet anyways so I do not know if I agree with the idea of trying to have great performances? That can be saved for big in season meets or meets like the Midwest Distance Fest. Track State should be strategic from the start of prelims to the 4x4 finals and it should be about dealing with adverse conditions. The 32/16 double should completely be: how hard can the 3200 be pushed and then who can come back and run a good 1600 on SHORT RESTTTTTTTTTTT. But I agree it sucked if people were late, they should have been a little bit more relaxed with a rolling schedule.


The rolling schedule threw us for a loop. There was no reason to change from the original schedule. There were no threats of lightening or severe weather, just rain. The guys in the tents were awful, they were yelling at runners for being late. They were not even calling event calls over the loud speaker during much of the Saturday finals. They should have stuck to the time schedule.


can someone please learn how to spell lightning? is that a hard thing?


Did anyone see Mcinerney’s interview with Newman? Riley said as they were leaving the tent the officials told them “if there is lightning on the first two laps we will restart you, but if there is lightning on the third or final lap, wherever you are when it stops is your final place.” That could have certainly changed some strategies in the 1600.


Athletes had a right to be frustrated on Saturday with the rolling schedule. It should have been announced Friday so that everyone had at least a day’s notice. The IHSA could have looked at weather reports and made this decision earlier and more clearly. I don’t really see a problem with the rolling schedule - if anything it pointed out how unnecessarily long the finals schedule is. I’m fine allowing a little break here and there but having an extra 2 hours!? While doubling was tough it was still very doable and it should be tough! But I do truly sympathize with athletes that were denied the chance to run because of the rolling schedule.

However, athletes and coaches do not have a right to be angry about being DQed on Friday. The rules are very clear about checking in early- some of the athletes I saw complaining about getting DQed were there when the gun was going off for the first heat (in a sprint event- I could understand in the 3200…).


Did you know that the milers would have had an extra 2 hours of rest if the schedule wasn’t rolling?

For O’Fallon, that could have been the difference between 6th place as a team and a 2nd place trophy. If Riba and Perrier had 3.5 hours of rest, I would imagine they would be fresh. If fresh, I see both of them in the top 5, which brings them from 4 points in the 1600 to a minimum of 11. A 7 point difference brings them to 34 total points, and a 2nd place team trophy.

Some people got screwed really hard, I’ll leave it at that


I couldn’t agree more with NegativeSplit, it’s supposed to be tough. Guys did it off short rest back with 1 class or 2 classes, now after this meet (as well as Driggs’ in 2011) the doubles are comparable to the guys who did it long ago. Now I also agree that they should have had more advance notice. And you can make a pretty good claim that guys from the 3200 would have done better in the 1600 if they had more rest, but you can’t actually prove it: some might have been mentally fried either way.

Funny, the only 3A people to do the 3200/1600 double did it off rolling schedule.