Ripon Showcase Meet


Lots of big names at this meet. I went to watch last year. It was a good meet at a great facility.


Check out the almost brand new facility in the WI fieldhouses thread. Not sure if it is accurate but Rzentkowski looks to be tripling while Bosley appears to be doubling.

No way that Bosley escapes this meet without a loss or two if doubling. The 1600 will definitely take sub-4:20 to win and Rzentkowski and Easton have some credibility to their names already. I pick Bosley third in this event. I could see the 800 going in 1:55-1:56 but in this event Bosley is the surprising favorite. Still, that said, looking at the physical stature of Rzentkowski – and we’ll see him stand next to boy Bosley – it is really difficult to count against him in this race.

No reason for Rzentkowski going for the 3200 win as well after a tough double but who knows, he might need three indoor marks for a college coach.





Bosley did the 1600-800 double last year. I seem to remember him hammering the field in the 1600 but just going for the win in the 800. I remember Rosholt being there last year but not sure what Rzentowski ran. Don’t believe Middleton was there last year. The facility is amazing!


Didn’t Bosley almost have to hammer to re-instate himself as a dominant runner after an upset at Lake Michigan against Ansel Fellman? This year he would most optimally be coming in as “out of shape” as one could be after competing in Scotland. I was impressed with Rzentkowski posting a 4:22 first meet out. I think it means he is definitely ready to go faster. I have always been a fan of Caleb Easton. Last year he was somewhat under the radar until state. This year is different considering he has run 9:08. His progression in the 1600 has gone from 4:28-4:20-4:12. Not sure if he is capable of 4:04 but is definitely a worthy candidate for 4:08. Hope we can see him rip and run this weekend! Can this race go under 4:16?


Rzentkowski ran the 3200 last year. Bosley won the 8 in 2:00. I doubt that gets the job done this year.


Live Results:


The top two 4:14.16-4:16.80 is a phenomenal early showing for NAU recruits Bosley and Easton. Leffel could get to 4:15 by outdoors and potentially be a podium contender at this rate. Really surprised no Rzentkowski sighting in this race as they won’t really see him again.


@zen He ran 4:19 rzentkowski in that race but was put into the smaller school results. Don’t know splits but was the same race. Agree leffell in great shape. Czarnecki must be coming off an injury not sure where the beaver dam top guy is maybe in the 800. Leffel almost ran a pr wouldn’t be surprised if he ran as fast as Easton did last year 4:13s is doable and would make him an elite junior miler. Although the pace may have helped him he finished in nowhere’s zone so nobody was likely near him last few laps (guessing rzentkowski faded vs kicked but who knows)


I see it now. Must have been an exciting race!


4:07.60  Chris Solinsky  Stevens Point           TFA                     2003
4:11.4y  Steve Lacy      McFarland               West Relays             1974
4:11.77  Andrew Perkins  Watertown               TFA                     2007
4:12.9y  Jim Stintzi     Menomonee Falls North   West Relays             1976
4:13.0y  Glenn Herold    Watertown               USTFF                   1969
4:13.48  Tannor Wagner   Ashwaubenon             TFA                     2016
4:13.76# Carl Hirsch     Brookfield Central      Brooks PR               2013
4:13.95y Perrin Hagge    Middleton               UW-Parkside             2015
4:14.46  Taylor Wardall  Appleton East           TFA                     2010
4:14.7y  Curt Anschuetz  Brookfield East         TFA                     1983
4:14.16  Drew Bosley     Homestead               Ripon Showcase          2019 
4:15.4y  Dan Cautley     Madison Memorial        USTFF                   1969
4:15.59  Gabe Jennings   Madison East            TFA                     1996
4:15.93  Matt Meinke     Neenah                  Titan Invitational      2019
4:16.11  Evan Ross       Port Washington         TFA                     2009
4:16.4y  Ben Dalton      Manitowoc               Titan Invitational      1976
4:16.56  Ansell Fellman  Kenosha Bradford        Lake MI Invitational    2018
4:16.69  Alex Brill      Madison La Follette     TFA                     2009
4:16.7y  Jim Hanson      Madison Edgewood        USTFF                   1973
4:16.9y  Steve Schalow   Monona Grove            USTFF                   1975
4:16.80  Caleb Easton    Middleton               Ripon Showcase          2019 
4:17.3y  Dave Johnson    Neenah                  USTFF                   1973
4:17.46  Rowen Ellenberg Kimberly                TFA                     2018
4:17.48  Gabe Heck       Madison East            TFA                     2010
4:17.85  Derek Storkel   Tomah                   TFA                     2009
4:17.91  Phil Thomas     Thomas Momre            TFA                     2007
4:17.96  Ryan Gasper     Fort Atkinson           TFA                     2004


Great to see Michael madoch back in form with his third place 800 meters in 1:59.3. Bosley showing he is a clear sub 1:53 half miler if he chooses to be (training wise and racing wise) with his 1:56.8, after a very hard mile.


Good outing!


 1 1:54.15  Chris Solinsky   2002
 2 1:54.29  Gabe Jennings    1997 
 3 1:54.60  Eric Brown II    2015 
 4 1:54.70  Elliot Enright   2002 
 5 1:54.75  Edgardo Valdes   2019 
 6 1:55.21  Phil Burkhart    2002 
 7 1:55.45  Andrew Perkins   2005 
 8 1:55.6y  Dan Schaller     1977 
 9 1:55.8y  Dave Malley      1973 
10 1:56.3y  Mark Winzenreid  1967 
11 1:56.5y  John Hyland      1989 
12 1:56.6y  Tony Agostini    1980
13 1:56.70  Casey Hopp       1998   
14 1:56.72  Alec Miller      2014 
15 1:56.81  Ethan Moehn      2013 
16 1:56.87  Rhys Koch        2018 
17 1:56.89  Drew Bosley      2019
18 1:57.0y  Paul Garrott     1975 
   1:57.0y  Al Stewart       1985 
   1:57.0y  Brian Engelkes   1987 
19 1:57.15  Chandler Diffee  2013 
20 1:57.18  Nate Maschke     2005 
21 1:57.2y  Dan Winzenreid   1971 
22 1:57.30  Josh Garbe       2000
23 1:57.36  Jacob Caswell    2016 
24 1:57.45  Will Ottow       2011 
25 1:57.48  Jett Mickelson   2018 
26 1:57.5y  Chris Wells      1977 
   1:57.5y  Joe Terry        1987 
   1:57.50  Reed Schmidt     2012 


I wonder if Rzentkowski will run the 3200 too? I did see the Rosholt 4x800 went 8:15, I wonder if that was without him?

I noticed in the heat sheets that Lucas Florsheim has a 10:08 to his name but it is from that Whitefish Bay indoor track. I bet he goes in the 9:40s today.


MIA: Elijah devries, Roman ystenes and beaver dam twin towers (Herron and czarnecki) although czarnecki won the slow heat (why that heat) by 20 seconds in 4:50. I didn’t see the distance medley post to respond to it again but with Gilles 2:02, leffel 4:25, madoch 1:59 and Caleb 4:16 all coming into the season in great shape the better question might be could Middleton with the distance medley without Caleb Easton anchor. Clearly they can run a very fast 4x800 this year


@zen wow I didn’t see that 4x800 but if rzentkowski ran that before the 4:19 and 1:59 what a beast. I don’t agree with that decision by their coach to do that to him however. That is a real fast time to open the season 8:15 hard to believe they could do that without him.


Rosholt was listed as 10:22 for the 4x8. Another MIA runner is Jack Scherer.


Devries might be out but he is not injured.


Thanks! Yesterday they were definitely showing Rosholt as the winner in 8:15. Changed now of course.


I was a bad parent yesterday and missed the track meet at Ripon. It was the first time in 18 years that I didn’t go to a meet because I didn’t feel like it. My son actually initiated the discussion - “I’m just running a leg in the 4X800” “It’s indoor” - why drive 2 hours for that? Well I missed some great races while watching the NCAA on TV. The Mukwonago kids were treated to Pizza Ranch having won the large school team title. They also won at Nelson Daniels last week. I didn’t know that - but if you do know Mukwonago they are about the “team thing”. Not saying that is a bad thing.

This site does lean distance running, but someone like Mukharrier might already know that Mukwonago wins these types of events with an" unknown" workhorse.I believe this kid has scored more points than any other Mukwonago track athlete in the school’s history. Last year he missed going to state - there was chatter that the program “ran him into to the ground” trying to score points at meets. I think this kid could have been a top tier 400M-type runner - but we will never know. I’m sure that many teams have had this type of athlete. Again, I think Wesley J. is the most prolific “scorer” in the school’s history. Mukharrier?

From Ripon Yesterday - typical of meet after meet for the last few years.


  1. 12 Jared Schneider

  2. 12 Shane Staerkel

  3. 12 Wesley Juszczak
    43-02.00 SR


  1. 12 Ethan Wright
    6-02.00 PR
    Marquette University

  2. 10 Garrett Gillette
    6-02.00 PR

  3. 12 Wesley Juszczak

Finals - 39"

  1. 12 Dominic Brown
    8.57a PR
    Oshkosh North

  2. 12 Wesley Juszczak
    8.73a PR

  3. 11 Mason Wallschlaeger
    8.84a PR
    West Bend West

  4. 11 Joshua Rady

Mens Varsity Large Schools 4x200 Relay

  1. Marquette University
    Daeleon Brown-Williams, Isaac Cephus, Michael Szymanski, JohnPaul Giampietro

  2. Mukwonago
    Adrian Girone, Joshua Rady, Alex Larson, Wesley Juszczak

  3. Arrowhead
    Griffin Gohde, Noah James, Tim Schaab, Peterson Christian


I saw him a few times last year. He’s a heck of an athlete!


Just saw that the Girls 800 was won in 2:16 by Franklin junior Clare Pitcher. She was third at State last year in 2:13.