RIP Eddie Blakely


I was notified that former NJ HS Star Eddie Blakely passed away last night . I did not know Eddie really , but when I was 24 , he and I were lumped into the same At&T training course in White Plains NY.

Of course I horrified him with tales of his own legendary doings, he probably thought I was as nuts then as most do now. He was a really good guy .

It is always so sad to me to see someone so young go so soon. Prayers go out to his family and close freends.


Sad. I did not know him either but definitely remember seeing his name in Mr. Grant’s yearly books.




I think he was three or four years ahead of me but I too remember his name from the record books and I think he ran with Mike Elder at HT. I think he ran a real good one at VCP but can’t recall. RIP Eddie.


Perhaps others can add details re: his performances, but he is on the VCP list @ 12:32 in '74. He ran close to 9:00 for two miles… yes, for Haddon Twp. Went to Arizona State, where he ran 4:04 mile.
Eddie and I were Account Execs with AT&T from '83 to '86, in Philadelphia, so I got to know him pretty well. We went to events and training together, and sat in the same office. We ran together very occasionally, he was not “in training”, but he could still go out for a respectable six miles. I can remember running with him during “strike duty”, when we went up to a small town outside Allentown, answering phones during the day, then we’d go for a run thru the rolling farmland, followed by dinner and beers. Good memories. Over the years, we’d meet at company events, but also at MOC, Penn, Millrose, as he still had an interest in T&F. He was very quick-witted, just a fun guy to be around. Sad to see him encounter an adversary that he could not outrun.


Just inducted into the SJ Track HOF this past march.

It mentions he was Penn Relays 2 mile champ, but the Penn program doesn’t list him amongst past winners. The Haddon Twp HOF page notes he won the MOC 2 mile.

Did he also win the 880 at the MOC? Pretty incredible range if he did.


I had the opportunity to meet Eddie a few years ago when he was inducted into the Haddon Twp HOF. My cross country team was also inducted and afterwards we all went out for dinner. Mike Elder flew up for the ceremony and we got to sit around and pick their brains and listen to stories. Eddie ran 12:32 on Van Cortlandt, those guys are legends at HT.


damn, really sad



Eerie - we were talking about the HT team yesterday in a team meeting- those guys were (are) legends in SJ- one of many Tanner Boys who got it done. RIP indeed.