Rieti Web Cast?


Anyone know if there will be one?

would be a shame not to see this meet?


cant find a live coverage on universal sports tv channel 464 (verizon, NJ) or universal sports online. flotrack is back in 'merica. yeah sort of disappointed.


this link was posted on letsrun. watching it right now, portuguese announcers







wow. just saw the official results. that is amazing.

1 RUDISHA, David Lekuta  KEN WR   1:41.01
2 LALANG, Boaz Kiplagat  KEN      1:42.95
3 SYMMONDS, Nick         USA PB   1:43.76
4 RIMMER, Michael        GBR PB   1:43.89
5 LEWANDOWSKI, Marcin    POL SB   1:44.10
6 CASADO, Arturo         ESP      1:44.74

nice PR for symmonds.


WTF!!! it switches to soccer right when the 3k is supposed to start!?? :mad::mad::mad:


yeah i think we just got cut off. what a bunch of bull****.




The site must be a global partner of ESPN :wink:


I’m Ron Burgundy?