Ridiculous Results At Texas Relays


Ngonidzashe Makusha from Florida State jumped 27’6.75" (8.40m) in the long jump. Destroyed a 14 year old meet record and John Moffit’s 7 year old stadium record. Most impressive performance this college season. Most impressive performance I remember seeing in the last five years or so.

Oso Osaghe (Texas Tech) lowered his already collegiate-leading time to 13.31 in the prelims of the 110mH. Brendan Ames (USC) down to 13.48 (3rd in NCAA this season).

I don’t know too much about the 4x800m, but Texas A&M won it in 7:19.xx. That seems pretty decent, though I was under the impression they’d be even faster than that. A&M is really showing their strength in this meet though. They won the 4x800m, the sprint medley (3:15.18), and qualified 5th in the 4x100, BUT they had 3 guys under 10.33 and got all three in the final for the open 100m. In the field events, Melvin Echard jumped 26’6.5" in the LJ for 2nd and Tyron Stewart took 4th (25’8.75").

Looks like it was a little windy, so I don’t know what actually counts toward performance list/record purposes, but still impressive times nonetheless.

Will update tomorrow night after the meet ends.


I’ve heard the winds have been a-whippin’.


In the 4x8 Preble only split 1:50. He was just running for the win. His kick was insane.


A 4.0m/s wind is nothing to scoff at. Still, great jump.


What were the SMR splits? The order of legs listed on the results made it look like Roberts anchored and Preble ran 3rd.


That is correct.

Joey split 1:48, that’s all I know.

Joey and Preble are about the same speed. Joey beat Preble at indoor conference in the 800 actually.


I think Roberts has better leg speed than Preble at this point in terms of the 400m, but Preble is catching up quickly.


Gerald Phiri with a 10.06 for a meet record with +1.4mph wind


Barrett Nugent of LSU ran 13.13 in the finals. +3.5 wind.


Edited for correctness.

Ridiculous 4x4s today.


That was huge for Phiri. The crowd went crazy after that.

The 4x4 made up for the mile. I’m excited for our 4x4.