Richmond or McLean?


I have an internship offer and those are the company’s two main offices. McLean is outside of DC on the Virginia side. Some of the pros or cons I see:

McLean: Being close to DC would be cool. Higher cost of living, more traffic to get to work.

Richmond: Better cost of living, traffic isn’t bad (I drove through there earlier this week), DC is only an hour and a half away if I want to go there on the weekend anyways.

Any insight on what the two cities are like?


Don’t expect to make it from Richmond to D.C. in 1 1/2 hours. Make it closer to 2 1/2 with traffic most days.

If you are working in McLean and live in Virginia, your commute shouldn’t be too terrible. Not great but if you live in Arlington, should be less than 30 minutes each way (possibly less depending on where you live in Arlington and where in McLean the office is). If it’s a summer internship for 2-3 months and all other factors are equal, it would be cool to be in the DC area. Don’t know a ton about Richmond, but it seems like there would be a lot more to do in DC. It would cost more, but would seem to get a better overall experience.

In DC area, you have a number of trails to run, Nationals are playing, Caps might be in the playoffs at that point (May-June) - Chinatown is a great area anyway where the Caps and Wizards play. For non-sports stuff, if you like politics, lots going on there and plenty of free museums around the Mall.


Good points about the sports teams- I would definitely be into that and especially since the Nats aren’t terrible anymore. And it seems like DC is more passionate about the Caps than most hockey towns are.

I may reach out to some local runners to ask about the trails in each. Though apparently there’s a 7ish mile trail on the company’s campus in Richmond.

A friend of mine is moving to the VA side of DC so if he gave me a good rate on a place to stay that could be pretty clutch.


I have family that lives in the DC area. It’s a great place to be in the summer time, but yes, the traffic is horrible and the cost of living is very high. However, if it’s for only 2-3 months, then it would be cool. Never a dull moment there. I don’t think I could live there, personally, because I like a less crowded environment, but I could certainly do 2-3 months.


Personally I would pick Richmond. You would probably make it into DC just as often and it would be much less congested every other day. Unless you really like the bigger city atmosphere.


I’ve never been to one bar in DC that I can say I enjoyed. I’d go to Richmond because it couldn’t be worse.


This is true- if I’m working 40+ hours/week and running 60-70 miles/week it’s not like I’ll be going out on the town every night.