Rhode Island 2012 Outdoor Track


Because nobody else would. Think Chariho can win outdoor again?


No. They need field events to win in outdoor.

Can anyone challenge LaSalle Girls?


I would have, but I thought it was a tad early.

I think Chariho has a shot, but like Who Fartleked? said, you need field events to win in outdoor and Chariho isn’t very strong in that area. Perhaps they can still go for another national record.


Chariho pretty much won indoors this year with their distance guys. Not to take anything away from them, but I think a few of the Hendricken guys just missed out on scoring which could’ve helped them a lot.

I’m sure it’ll be pretty close come the state meet but I think Chariho might just be able to hold them off again.


It’ll be interesting… I see chariho distance going like this:
800: Marsalla, Kelly 1-2 for 18
1500: Marsalla, Kelly, Kilcoyne 1-3 for 24
3000: Kilcoyne, Marsalla, Kilcoyne all top 6 for 16
I think Jake could win, Marsalla and Dan could both be pretty high but I’m going conservative. 16 could be Jake 2nd, Marsalla 4th Dan 5th.
4x8 is an easy 10, they could do it with J Kilcoyne, Kelly, Gilligan, Turner and even keep Kelly under 100%.

That is 68 points just from that right there. 66 won it last year. That said I was generous with the 15 (though very conservative with the 3k).

Hendricken looses a lot of senior throwers, but keeps a very good one in St. Jean. Pecchia and DeCiantis scored in the shot indoors, but a healthy Octeau is going to hurt them outdoors so maybe 2 or 3 there. St. Jean will be looking to win the Jav, could be a factor in the Disc though nowhere near the top 3. He’s good for 10-12 if he’s on, though Jav is a very tough event to call. Being Hendricken, I’m going to go ahead and give them 15 pts in the Hammer as they have a top 3 finisher in Horace and will surely have others. Just about evens out. Distance lacks a Meehan type runner this year but has more 4-6 range depth. O’Connell should put up some big point in Hurdles this year and appears to have some support in Barboza and McArteer. They could get 25 pts between the two if all goes well. Relays will score heavily as usual.

I’ll give it to hendi 75-71

For individuals I’ll go:

100: Jalen Young (was he a senior this year or last year?)
200: Jalen Young (same as above, if he runs the 4 I’ll say Jalen Evans)
400: Jose Ortiz (Jalen if he runs the 4)
800: Marsalla
1500: Marsalla
3000: Jake Kilcoyne
110H: Jarell Forbes (defending Champ should win handily)
300h: Ben Stewart (Freshman who ran 40.xx last year are you kidding me?)
JV: Kyle St. Jean (redeems last year’s 9th with a vengance)
SP: Jeremy Octeau (handily if healthy)
DT: Jeremy Octeau (handily if healthy)
HT: Joe Veliz (again)
LJ: Ben Shaw (all day)
HJ: Steven Vazquez (7 feet?)
TJ: Ben Shaw (for the double)
PV: Nick Tyler (2 feet over everyone else right now)


I’m pretty sure jalen and Jarell have graduated


Whoops, Forbes and Jalen Young both graduated.

Octeau will not win handily in shot put…it will be a 3-way toss-up between him, Kevin Conway (threw 58-xx at New Englands) and Aaron Comery

Why do you think Shaw will win triple/long jump so easily? Ryan Rei from Cumberland won triple jump indoors and is currently the New England leader in that event. Eddie Uthman also jumped 22-10 or something, and clearly could add another 6-12 inches if he had any kind of form.

I also don’t think Vasquez is a lock for high jump as he is wildy inconsistent he had several indoor meets where he didn’t clear 6’0…his best competition (Divon Bailey) is inconsistent too. They are also both injury prone.

Velez is not a lock for hammer with Reuben Horace seeing gigantic improvements in the weight throw during indoor this year.

I also think that you are underestimating BH…I’m sure those young distance runners learned quite a bit during the indoor season, and they have top notch relays and throwers who will score.


Also, do you really think Dan Kilcoyne will run the 3000? I think he’ll be plenty busy in other events that day.

Ben Stewart is also wildly inconsistent…especially in hurdles. He will be maxed out at states, so I doubt that you will see him win the 300m h.


I think you’re taking my predictions like they are statements of fact as opposed to what they are, which is horribly incorrect opinions (if my past track record of predicting can be used as an indicator :slight_smile: )

Octeau will handily win the Shot. So far as I can tell with admittedly quick research the only RI thrower to beat him in head-to-head comp in the past 2 years is gustavo.

Shaw in the long jump is certainly not a lock, but I think he’s the strongest LJer in the state right now and if he can replicate last year’s state meet he should win. He’s just my personal pick in the triple, I’m not saying he’s the favorite just my pick. You’re right, he’s not going to win easy but i think he can pull it off.

Vazquez isn’t a lock but a clear favorite IMO

I agree in the hammer, again just my pick. There are a handful of throwers in the conversation in this title, I actually think Conway has a better chance in the hammer than in the shot.

For the 100 and 200 I’ll change to Jalen Evans for both. Uthman and James could definitely challenge in the 100 though. Ben Nyuanru in the 110H. My bad on Young and Forbes, they were listed as juniors last year and I don’t get around much for indoors. :frowning:

To answer your other post, I have no idea what Dan will do, but I think he’d be better off in the 15/3k combo than in the 15/8. Could easily see myself being 100% wrong with this haha.

I’ll keep Stewart in the hurdles, he was second last year, and I don’t see the LJ and the 4x1 hurting him too much at all in the hurdles. His schedule at states will be like mine was senior year, (4x1, PV for me LJ for him, 300h, 4x4) and its actually quite doable. If he does the 110 instead of the 4x1 he should still be ok.

I feel like I gave hendi a pretty good review didn’t I? I gave them the win, huge points in the throws and relays as well as being fairly generous in the hurdles. Their distance guys are great, I’m not arguing that. I just don’t see them winning the distance races like they have in the past. Saying they have a group of guys that should be in the 4-6 range at states is pretty good. Who from their team do you see competing for the win in a distance event? That’s not a knock just an honest question.


I think that Marsella could take the 3k as well, depending on if he actually goes and does the 1500 and 800, which I’m thinking he will. Even with the 1500 and 800 factored in, I seriously believe he could still win the 3k. But in the end, he’s probably going to win any two of the 3. Also, if Chariho goes 2, 4, 5, who wins the race? Perhaps Crawley? IMO Jake Kilcoyne takes first granted Marsella runs the 1500 and 800.


Heard Marsella ran a 1:56 800 in a dual meet… wow


yea he did that last year too…but he didn’t run an 8:50 3k too like this year


who is going? what events?

i know chariho is running the 4x8. cant wait to see what they do. possible sub 7:40?


Averaging <1:55 would be bold, probably not likely at this point in the season but maybe possible. wouldn’t put anything past a national championship team


put marsella at a 1:52 split. kelley at a 1:53 split. kilcoyne at a 1:55 split and all you need is a 2:00 split and they run 7:40. indoors they all split those times. they just came up short on the 2:00 split. i think that can change.


1:52.flat, 1:53.flat, 1:55.flat and 2:00.flat would put them exactly at 7:40, decimals in relays on average add 2 seconds. Plus, penn relays is in the middle of the season, so getting them to run that fast in April will be tough. Your point is well taken though, didn’t know bryce had run that fast indoors. I thought he was more of a 1:54-1:55 guy and kilcoyne was more 1:55-1:57. I’d definitely give them a better chance knowing Kelley has run that fast.

On a side note, if Marsalla does end up running 1:52 low, he’s got a real shot at a 40 year old state record. The 800 record is 1:50.0h, and I think that’s definitely in his range by the end of the season. That records has withstood some great attempts from some great runners (nick ross’ solo attack on it 2 years ago comes to mind, going out in 53.xx) so it’d be great to finally see it go down.

In other record news, the 1500 state record has been broken each year for the past 4 years (springer, springer, ross, allen) and Marsalla should have the opportunity to break it again this year. That’s some kinda crazy. Seeing a record broken 5 years in a row by 4 different people doesn’t happen all too often


This post is so ridiculously erroneous.


If you didn’t know, Bryce Kelly is the indoor 800m state record holder @ 1:53.77



Springer’s race was run with an adult in the field as a pacer, fastest time by a RI runner but different than a time run with only HSers. Already said I was mistaken about Kelly. Still, a 1:53 flat mid season is different than a 1:53 high run during a peak. Thank you for contributing to the discussion though, insightful post.


Posting from the schomp invitational, Marsella with an unofficial 3:51.7 (by my watch)

EDIT: This ended up being the official time


Is that the state record?