Rep System


I figure I’ll let you guys have some input in the Rep System.

here are the options:



Let us see last 20 reps.


No register date factor.

No post count factor.


this. and did everyone start with 10?


You can now see the last 30 reps.

Though you might need to enable viewing your rep comments by going to:

Control Panel > Options > Show Reputation level.


No reps. :slight_smile:


1st one is better, and i agree with AA post count shouldn’t be a factor


As long as amount of rep the you can give isn’t based on how much rep you have, it won’t get out of control. I recommend starting out with 1 point rep power for all new members and every month you are a member you receive another rep power point.


I agree with this.


Note- if you feel you recieved a negative reputation which was uncalled for, you can PM an admin specifiying the date + comment left and we can go into the database and delete it. Thought I would throw that out there.


Searching for tag… nope… hmm…


No, no. no. no. nonono.


I agree with AA, so I negged him.


i cant see mah rep…or maybe i just dont have any yet?


Well if that wasn’t the most pathetic attempt to get reps from people that I ever saw… :smiley:



go into your Control Panel > Options > enable reputation system.


haha i actually wasnt really trying to get any…but since you put it that way…is it working?


thats wat i was trying to do, i just cant find it, maybe im just an idiot and am missing it


Did you get rid of this yet, everyone who ever gets negged is going to send you a PM. Too big brother imo and tedious.


Almost. But do you really want your first rep to be a pity rep?