Renaud Lavillenie - Pole Vault World Record!


He may be my favorite athlete in all of track and field.


that is just insanity. Bubka held that record forever.


Bubka set his first WR in May of 1984. He broke the WR of Thierry Vigneron of France. His first WR measured 5.85 and he then proceeded to jump 5.88 and 5.90 in June and July of the same year. Vigneron took back the WR in August at a meet in Rome jumping 5.91 - Bubka countered with a 5.94 jump in the same meet making Vigneron perhaps the person who held a WR for the shortest time span ever.

That meet was August 31, 1984. That was the last time anyone other than Bubka held the outdoor WR. The last time anyone other than Bubka set an indoor record was February 4th of 1989. Rodian Gataulin broke Bubka’s record twice that year before Bubka took in back later that same month jumping 6.03 on February 11th. Meaning no one other than Bubka has held a men’s pole vault record indoors or out since February 11th, 1989.

Lavillenie’s jump makes him the highest vaulter ever indoors and out. The indoor WR was of course Bubka’s at 6.15 and the outdoor record is 6.14.

Bubka’s 6.15 jump was in 1993. His 6.14 in 1994.

Bring on an 8 foot high jump now!!!



Such a clean clearance too, the record might not stand for long! Keep in mind too that PV rules regarding the length of pegs on the standard and the legality of using your hand to steady a seemingly falling crossbar were changed after Bubka’s WR… and Bubka had a role in changing them!