Reggie Lewis Center


Hello Coaches, Other than the mile split announcement regarding Keith McDermott’s departure - I have seen no other information regarding the Reggie and RCC’s intentions. Would be helpful if a few of the more informed coaches could weigh in with their interpretation of what is truly going on and what the consequences may be. Happy to reach out to my local delagation as suggested on milesplit, but would like to be more clear and informed to what is actualy being asked. Thanks for all you do, as a parent and former runner it amazes me how far the sport has come from the painted lines at the armory. It is a testament to all of your efforts.


I agree with this, if someone could weigh in and interpret exactly what that letter means that would be helpful.


More info on mile split regarding the Reggie. Interesting column in the Globe from Adrian Walker - link is in mile split piece. Not only is the track community in jeopardy of reduced access to the facility, there is a question of MSTCA raised funds being held hostage by RCC (100k). Strongly suggest you read Mile Splits update and hope that you reach out to your local Legislator and inform them that RCC leadership is attempting to wrestle control of a facility that is not theirs.


A Beacon of hope is on the horizon.



A lot of work remains to be done at the State House to insure this bill passes in a timely manner. Bill needs to get in and out of Committee while in InFormal Session - which means that one Rep questioning the bill could derail it until Formal Session begins in Jan 2017. Great work by Sen Rush and Rep Fox. If you are inclined to do so, contact your Representative and urge them to support this bill. If they have questions - refer them to Rush / Fox. Go Beacons.


Another good piece in the Globe from Adrian Walker regarding The Reggie and Keith McDermott. The missing 120k could go a long way in terms of upgrades. Shame on RCC.


Umass Boston is not going to take ownership of Reggie Lewis. (just my hunch)
What is the backup plan? Northeastern? Wentworth? BAA?


How about DCR


BAA is a wonderful organization to spearhead the RCC! They certainly have the capital!

DCR is also a great idea. We have municipal hockey rinks all over the state!
Granted - many are in rough shape as budget constraints perennially strip their budgets.

Each of our local towns have baseball fields, lax/soccer fields, and basketball courts!

Not to mention the local tracks in each town (typically affiliated with the local public high school) in that town. Some schools have multiple tracks! Tyngsboro comes to mind: Innovation Academy, NDA-Tyng, & Tyng. HS each have their own track (granted THS is a 4 lane, asphalt track)…but the point is our state has a long history of supporting buildings & spaces that represent athletic opportunity both on the local town level & on the state-wide level.

And yet there is not one single 200m indoor track facility affiliated with a state college, or a HS, or a local town in MA (outside of RCC).

So I’m with Airunxc - I think finding a home for the RCC is going to be a difficult simply based on our present day culture with regards to whose responsibility should it be to organize this facility…no one really want it…cuz if they did, they’d have their own.


Why not make RLTAC its own …no affilation?


No affiliation would make it an independent business - as such it would need to have access to private funds in order to sustain itself.

If it’s a state run facility it would fall under the office of the Department of Conservation & Recreation.

The only way it can stand alone is if a private citizen (like Bob Kraft) purchased it from the state.

Otherwise it’ll be affiliated to a private business or a state run department/organization (like a college)


The armory in NYC is affiliated with NYRR, that would be the most similar to BAA? What is the DC indoor track? Long Island is parks department of NYC right? any one have any other comps?


Last time a state school tried to build an indoor track they made lane 6 200m around instead of lane 1.:rolling_eyes:

The track in Landover, MD is part of the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex, looks like a private thing.


Armory is definitely affiliated with New Balance, not sure about NYRR, tho I wouldn’t doubt it.