Reebok Grand Prix Start Lists


I was looking at lists as late as yesterday and looking for AJ and I thought Centro was going to be in

There were already 18 starters which once again is way too many

Not sure why they cannot or folks will not just shove another 5 minutes of a second section in this

18 is too many people, put it this way at least I think so, anyone else?


I just looked too and saw 19, must have miscounted.

I think 12 should be the max or 14 with pacers.


AJ is now listed and it is up to 19


You can run your own race if you like, but if you are a lay off teh fractions guy, you can rarely circle this many decent people

Maybe, maybe this will get more folks to run near the pacer which they should anyway

Too many pacers have not been followed at all in recent times, and then they get blamed when they show down after 1 lap , which is at the number asked for


Assuming this is for the Adidas GP…10 flat for Tyson Gay winning the B heat by a good margin. Not bad.


I read on letsrun that the wind was -1.5

If so, that definitely bodes well for our biggest gun now that Dix is infirm.


Let’s see if the 1500 can have some decent pace-making and get some A standards.


ooh recall in the 15, someone tripped

announcer thinks someone will get dq’ed for a false start, lol

though he does agree 20 is a ridiculous number for this field


57.6, 59.5, yuck


1:57 through 800. Smh.


800 in 1:57.6, Lagat in 3:34.6? Nice finish by Torrence in a way too large field.


Lagat’s Olympic prep seems to be going well. tag


Magiso in 1:57.49? Led wire to wire. New NR.


Reebok needs to invest in better rabbits.


I do not know whose idea it is to keep stuffing these fields with more than 15 guys, but it is a BAD idea

pacing was bad and that served to bunch up the field, but seriously not so bad that guys should not be able to close off that


Pacemaking was ****ty. Webb certainly missed the “A”. Lagat looked dope.




Interesting adjective for Lagat

ARe results up?

I cannot seem them as updated yet

Is this that hard to do?


damn this sport needs help

You know , NOTHING is more simplistic than a sport where there is a watch or a tpe and thats is who wins. 99.9% of the time anyway

In this day and age

There are the same 25K Amercian folk that wtach this, that watch NCAAs, that watch Penn RElays(okay a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point, kind of like HOckey!!)

can we get results up or show them deeper than 3 on TV

They have got to know, that only the nut jobs watch this…right?


They are up now.

-Leer maybe heading in the right direction with a 3:37.16 SB
-Webb 3:39.04…yeah.
-A.J. 3:41.89, not sure what happened there


Torrence is going to make our 1500M team, I cannot see any way he does not

I give Webb credit he does try and has raced a ton and he gets himself into a position early, but when they start really running off 1:58 for him anyway, he closed at 3+ seconds slower than the contenders