RedStar WorldWear gift card


I got my Runner’s World in the mail today, and inside it is a $500 RedStar WorldWear “gift card.”

Essentially, you pay a 9ish% fee based on the regular price, and that covers shipping and what not.

Looking online, it looks like this isn’t the first time this company has done this. Has anyone done it before?


From LetsRun

“Basically, it’s a scam… they sell $10 sunglasses for “$200” and then give away “$500” gift certs everywhere (every race you can think of, ski mags, etc) which you still have to pay for “processing” which ends up being $20 or so. There are no real retail outlets… it’s all online so you have to pay their processing fee. It’s really a scam if someone were to buy them for their full price, but I’m sure that nobody actually does that cause they’re sucky $10 glasses.”

They have watches too, and they don’t look like $10 watches. idk.

Thoughts homies?


I’m kind of thinking about this Jack Daniels I’m drinking. It’s apparently got honey in it and was the same price as regular Jack… It’s pretty decide. I also thought about how great it is I found my Texas is the Reason EP from way back when. Getting drunk and listening to Texas Is The Reason… it’s just like high school.