Recent developments w/r/t Usain Bolt


It’s just become clear to me that Bolt’s post-race arm configuration thing was blatantly stolen from Marky Mark’s video for ‘Good Vibrations’:


You’re going to want to watch the whole thing, for obvious reasons, but pay special attention around 2:24.


i think you’re right… how do we go about solving this issue? burning him at the stake seems acceptable


It’s become clear to me you have way too much spare time:p


This is an incredible discovery.


second time ive heard that song today…






A photo of me:



Top entries:

  • Usain Bolt in Mens 100m
  • Carmelita Jeter in Womens 100m
  • Lashawn Merritt to double in the 200/400

Meet takes place on May 8th, 2013 in George Town, Cayman Islands.

I’m looking forward to running in Cayman on May 8. I have not competed there before, but my coach was there last year and spoke well about the event. Sprinting in the Caribbean is stronger than ever and it is great to see new track and field meets starting up. Cydonie has done great things for her country on the track and is now working hard to develop opportunities for others. I hope my presence in Cayman will inspire the youth and contribute to the development of the sport. - Usain Bolt

Bolt recently pulled out of this Saturday’s Jamaica International Invitational citing a “grade-1 hamstring strain”.

More Info:


What none of you knew is the entire dance routine for Good Vibrations is a carefully constructed work-out that all elite sprinters must do to run elite times. Bolt is simply paying homage to the wise Marky Mark and his secret training strategies.

Anyway, he ran 0.07 off his World Best in the 150m recently, so it would appear he is in good shape.


Blake dealing with injuries, Bolt now with a minor hamstring problem as well.

Go Tyson.

2007 and 2013 World Champ would be sweet.

Bet that would fill a hole in his heart.


The Usain Bolt signature stance is drawn from statuary and images based on the Myth of Half-Man Half-Horse Sagittarius(The Archer to some The Centaur to others).
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