Boys Overall
1. Altoona: Big winners at Big Valley and PTXC 2 Invitationals
2. North Allegheny: Red, White, and Blue Champions with seven in top 25
3. West Chester Henderson: Immaculata and Quad X relay invite winners
4. Baldwin: Winners at Gateway Invite and 2nd at Red, White and Blue Invite
5. Cardinal O’Hara: Briarwood is 1st Invite in Championship. Impressive spread @ league dual debut
6. St. Joseph’s Prep: Lebanon Valley Champs and sub 60 second spread 1-7 on Wed at Belmont Plateau
7. Holy Ghost Prep: 1st at John Sharp and 1st at Centaur Invite
8. Cumberland Valley: Yet to debut
9. Lasalle College HS: Briarwood will be 1st Invite
10. Conrad Weiser: Maroon and Gold Classic Winners


It’s a real shame North Hills don’t have a 4 and 5


True that…can’t believe some random kids don’t move there just to run with that top three.


Have you ever been to Westview? Nobody in their right mind would move there if they had a choice.


westview? it doesn’t come up on google maps.

edit: oh west view.

never been there.


i think somebody needs to recruit more PA people over here from penntrack. that place is a dump. although… i’m not going to do it.


penntrack sucks.

  1. Altoona: Won home invite for 3rd straight win. Next meet: Carlisle
  2. North Allegheny: Big winners at Boardman Spartan in Ohio with 37 points with 59 second spread. Next meet: Carlisle
  3. West Chester Henderson: Off weekend
  4. Baldwin: Off weekend
  5. Cardinal O’Hara: Close 2nd to Tatnall 56-60 at Briarwood Invite. Next meet: PIAA Foundations
  6. Holy Ghost Prep: Off weekend. Next meet: Carlisle
  7. St Joseph’s Prep: 3rd at Briarwood Invite
  8. Cumberland Valley: Will make invitational debut at Carlisle Saturday
  9. Wissahickon: Winners of Large School Bulldog Invite at Rose Tree
  10. Conrad Weiser: Hosted home invitational. Next meet: Carlisle


NA ftw at carlisle.

edit: i don’t know anything about altoona cept wade endress.


Altoona was without their 5th guy in that race apparently.


Pat Reade was in a boot he’s projected to be their 5th man. There was a huge drop off to Altoona’s 5th man (he finished somewhere in the 80s), while NA’s 5th man finished right with the pack, roughly placing him in the 40s. That was the difference in the race. Obviously Allegheny’s depth paid off.

The race on the whole was sick, a lot of the top teams and a significant amount of the top runners. Big win for Wade Endress out front, another tough loss for Gil.


Gil losing means he hasn’t peaked yet… and neither has their team. Kid is a footlocker finalist. Altoona just has to have one guy in their top 5 have a mediocre day. NA will win the state championship.


Yes Gil hasn’t peaked yet but usually this is his coming out party. He was third here two years ago in a huge break out race then last year he finished 5th behind 4 of the top guys in the state and ran a sick time. He was the top Junior. This time around he lost to not only the NY kid and Wade Endress but he also lost to Tom Trainer from LaSalle. I’m not saying Gil isn’t still the favorite for the state championship, but don’t assume just because he was the best last year he’ll be the best again. Endress is on a tear right now.


Boys Overall
1. North Allegheny: Winners of Reebok Challenge @ Carlisle by 47 points
2. Altoona: 2nd place in Reebok Challenge @ Carlisle without #5 runner
3. Henderson: Off Weekend
4. Cardinal O’Hara: Winners of Gold Race @ PIAA Foundation with 34 second spread
5. Baldwin: 3rd place @ Maymont Invite (VA) w/ 52 second spread behind two VA top seven squads
6. St Joeís Prep: Off weekend
7. Cumberland Valley: 3rd place in Reebok Challenge @ Carlisle
8. Wissahickon: Off weekend
9. Lasalle: 4th in Reebok Challenge @ Carlisle
10. Chambersburg: 5th in Reebok Challenge @ Carlisle


oh hey guys havent been on tracktalk in a while good to see some other PA people. D1 represent


There are new rankings but I don’t feel like going to find them. **** IT