Race Strategy at State -- Boys


So, comparing results from state last year it appears that we have two drastically different strategies when comparing Class A and Class AA.

In Class A, we had 22 runners get out sub 5 for the first mile (fastest being 4:52) and then have serious positive splits the rest of the way. Only 4 had positive splits of less than 20 seconds per mile over the last 2.107 miles (including first and second).

In Class AA, we had 45 runners get out sub 5:10 for the first mile (fastest being 5:04) and then the top runners actually got faster over the last 2.107 (including the top finishers).

So, with that said and the potential addition of a couple of the top A runners – how will the race change at state if at all?



In my opinion all the runners know each other and their race strategies. With that said, in AA there was no runner who could just run away from the field, aka an elite stud. So the field just packed up and the race didn’t start until the mile.

Look at couple years ago in 2007 when the field was loaded and had several studs and the field went out wicked fast and finished well. The race depends upon the field, especially when the top team runners don’t care about individual runners and just want to get low team points.


Yes, it did go out wicked fast with 36 of 157 sub 5. Of those, only 12 were team runners.

However, there were still some pretty major positive splits – the average being 17 seconds per mile.

Points of comparison for what it’s worth.

]Rob Finnerty opened in 4:41 and then ran 5:07 the rest of the way to finish in 15:28. A positive split of 25 seconds per mile after mile 1.
[] Jordan Carlson opened in 4:53 and then ran 5:05.8 the rest of the way to finish in 15:37. A positive split of 12.2 seconds per mile after mile 1.[/LIST]
[]Adam Zutz opened in 5:05 and then ran 4:58 the rest of the way to finish in 15:33. A negative split of 7 seconds per mile after mile 1.
]Cole O’Brien opened in 5:08.7 and then ran 4:57 the rest of the way to finish in 15:35. A negative split of 11 seconds per mile after mile 1.[/LIST] [/LIST]What does this all mean? Absolutely NOTHING! :smiley:

Just thought I would get some discussion going…