Question about PC vs. Console Gaming


When I play a game on my Xbox 360, I feel like I’m wasting my life and I begin to feel really numb and slow like a Sunday afternoon. It ends up making me pretty melancholy. When I play a PC game I feel normal. So I can’t really play a console game for more than like an hour before I feel terrible, while I can spend an entire day playing a PC game. Anyone else have this experience? A friend suggested that this is because I don’t watch much TV but spend a lot of time on my computer doing random stuff, so I’m just more used to sitting my ass in front of a computer.


I found a game for pc where you build rockets and try to get in orgy around a Planet… Lately I’ve been finding new and more interesting ways to blow up the crew.


Orbit, but orgy has tO be the best autocorrect ever


And for a second there I thought you were trolling me.


funnage what is the name of that game? i would like to play it.


Don’t be silly, that’s against the ToS and Funnage would never violate the rules, he would get banned.