Put on 15 pounds by January 1st


I was involved in some sport or another from elementary school through freshman year (fall) of college. I’ve always (by the doctor) been considered pretty average weight for my height. Since I stopped running competitively (October 2010), I’ve lost about 8 pounds (and look like I’ve lost twice as much), and it doesn’t help that my school food is gross as well, so there was never an incentive to eat that much of it. My family, relatives, and girlfriend’s family have been saying that I look too skinny, and they can tell I’ve lost weight. This year I’ll be on a simpler meal plan (freshmen are required to be on full meal plan), so I’ll be able to buy some of my own food and cook my own meals. I’d like to gain 15 pounds (or around there) by January 1st, which gives me about 4.5 months. I’m currently at about 6 foot and fluctuate between 142-145 (depending on when I weigh-in), so I would like to get to around 160, evenly distributed (though my legs and upper body could use the most weight). I’m going to track my progress in here (weigh myself 1 time a week). This will really kick-off Sept. when I get back to school, but I’ll start it now. I don’t want to buy any protein powder/stuff like that, and I’d prefer to not have to lift. Anyways, post in here if you have suggestions in terms of eating habits, non-lifting exercises, or anything else that could help me achieve my goal. The “drink a sh*tload of beer” strategy is one I’m going to avoid in this case. Thanks in advance.


I lost 24 pounds in the last year since I stopped running. I might join you in this.


I’ll join too but I’m buying a mass gainer soon, It’s for lifting. Last June I was 5’11 and between 145-150 pounds. Now I’m like 6’ .5" and 175 pounds. I’ve picked up a few percent in body fat but since I don’t run anymore it doesn’t bother me. My goal is 185 by January 1st along with a decreased body fat percent (probably like 15% right now). Maybe like 180 at 10-12%. If I could add on the extra .25 inches so I can round up and tell people I’m 6’1 when they ask that’d be nice too.


Lift a weight and eat a cheeseburger. Jesus.


Oh, whoops. Didn’t read that before I posted my initial advice.

In this double post I’ll revise my advice based on this new information:

Stop being a girl, lift a weight and eat a cheeseburger. Jesus.

Edit: Scrawny people saying they want to gain more than ten pounds without lifting weights or related activities are just as annoying as fat people who want to lose weight without having to exercise.


I’m that tall, I wish I could be that light though! Big boned :frowning:


how do you plan to do this then?

If you are not willing to lift, then upping your calorie intake in the only way (this would be necessary anyways if you did lift).

By not lifting you are likely going to put on more fat than muscle (which it seems like you are okay with).

The reason protein powder works is that it is easier to get the protein than actually cooking a meal. It’s a lot easier for me to throw a scoop of protein in a glass of milk than cooking a chicken breast or 3 eggs. There is not some magic quality to protein powder that makes you stronger and makes you not have to work.

If you started using protein powder and didn’t lift, you would likely lose weight because more of your diet would be protein and less fat because there are less calories in a gram of protein than a gram of fat.


Started lifting and eating healthy… Lost 5 lb when. Wanted to gain. God I would kill someone for a chocolate chip cookie.


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If you just lift every day, do no cardio and are constantly eating then 15 pounds should be a breeze from your starting weight


Me not wanting to use protein powder is purely a cost thing- I don’t want to spend the money. Anyway, I was planning on doing this mostly through a diet change- increasing caloric intake by ~400/day mainly through adding in high protein foods, and like you said, I am perfectly fine adding more fat than muscle. The reason I don’t want to lift (besides really not enjoying it) is that I have pretty bad shoulder problems from 10 years of swimming, so I can’t do any sort of overhead lifting bench, squats, other stuff like that. I’m hoping it will be possible to add weight and also muscle through increasing calories/protein and core/strength exercises- push-ups, situps, pull-ups, etc.

More or less same answers as above.


You could try p90x without the dumb bells or some other body weight/resistance type program. I’ve put on 25 pounds before from just doing push-ups every day for a couple months and eating a lot, but my body tends to spike really quickly and then plateau as far as muscle gain, I then proceeded to gain weight in the belly. Now I am back down to 180 with skinny arms again because I ride my bike 10 hours a week and burn more calories then it is posible to consume on a moderate budget.


Semi-Non Sequitur.
The average height and weight of an elite male model is 6’1" 170-180 lbs


Protein powder is cheaper than normal food for additional calories. Sure you could eat white bread and lunch meat all day but for good, lean food, protein powder is not expensive


Where do you get yours? Could you post any links you have for pretty inexpensive good quality stuff.

Also, Otis Moulmein needs to have in on this weight gain plan- last I heard he was my height and weighed 15 pounds or so less than me.


go to costco. yea it’s not the best quality stuff but i reckon you can get a bag of it with 40 odd grams per serving that will last you 1-2 months for like $30 or $40.

edit: you wanna use thread for something like a weekly weigh in?


Yeah…I probably should :o


I remind him every time he sticks his head in here.


Just turn 30. That’ll do the trick immediately!:slight_smile: