PSU at Millrose


CR 4 x 8 is 7:17.x

WR 7:13.x

They add to 7:13 low

Probably will not be pushed enough to get to 7:15, can they get CR?


i say cr has a shot of going. as you said wr they would need some help but anything is possible these days!


WR is 46.x under 2:00 per or 8 flat

when you do these it always seems reachable until you realize guys will be running next to no one after a while

it is 1:48.4 per guy I think

Loxsom as good as he is would probably have to carry the weight solo

Kidder 1:48.17 best is only a little better than they need to avg.

So I say no, but could scare CR, which is about 149.x per?


Creese seems to be in decent shape (3:57)


creese can carry 147…zavon can carry 148…who else will be on? kidder or brennan?


and west…how could i forget him?


Albany — Youness Benzaid, Andrew Pirnie, John DeLallo, Daryl Subran
Coastal TC (Canada) — Alex Kilpatrick, Justin Kent, Declan White, Adam Paul-Morris
Duke — Henry Farley, Kyle Moran, Nate McClafferty and Michal Filipczak
Penn — Mato Bekelja, Tim Hamlett, Kirk Webb, Tom Timmins
Penn State — Casimir Loxsom, Ricky West, Za’Von Watkins, Brannon Kidder
St. Francis — Jason Stapleton, Joseph Gilhuley, Paul Gilhuley, Brian Nersten

The WR was set by Joey Woody, Karl Paranya, Rich Kenah and Krumm. PSU may pencil out to that (I didn’t check) but the 4x8 is a weird event. It doesn’t really ever work like that on the day … how awesome would it be if they did though.

CR? I could see that. Loxsom is running well, West seems to be coming around, Kidder is clearly in form and Watkins has already run 1:49 twice plus a 2:22 1000. You have to imagine they’ve looked at it.

I’d lead with Watkins, follow with Kidder to West and close with Loxsom who probably has the best sense of pace and doesn’t mind running from the front. His 1:46.98 from earlier this year was pretty much a solo shot so he’ll be used to it.

What a stellar team.


They add to 7:13.10

My guess is they leave Creese off and let Watkins run at Armory and use West who for him this is first/last dance for Millrose at the Armory and use Kidder

Creese traveled and ran 3:57 last week


Nice to have a sure sub 7:20 team without having to use a 3:57 miler OR a 1:50.x scratch guy


This year’s edition of PSU is pretty much built for Penn Relays, though they will miss Brady Gehret in the SMR and DMR.


, a shame really and an unbelievable relay runner


That is an interesting (and somewhat unlikely) mix of guys.


Isn’t it though!

Woody: an NCAA 400H champ who made 3 World teams winning silver in 2003. He had an indoor 800 best of 1:48.31.

Paranya: the first Division III runner to ever break 4:00 for the mile. His 800 best was 1:47.84.

Kenah: a rarity in modern US 800 running - he won international medals both indoors and out garnering bronze both indoors and out in 1997 at the Worlds, the same year he lowered his bests to 1:43.38 outdoors and 1:46.16 in.

Krummenacker: remembered as a huge talent by many but perhaps one who didn’t fulfill what looked like stunning potential, his peak oddly enough was relatively short coming at the end of the outdoor 2002 season and carrying into the 2003 indoor season where he beat (of all people) Kipketer to win the indoor World Championship 800m. In Europe during the summer of '02 he lowered his bests to 1:43.92 and 3:31.93. 2003 held him to 1:44.30 and 3:35.15 and from there his performances only declined. He qualified for 7 World Champs teams indoors and out in both the 800 and 1500 but apart from his indoor Gold he never made it furthur than the semis.

He ended up extending his career as a very good rabbit.


Krummenacker was good , did not have a hard edge


What on earth precipitated those 4 guys getting together for a competitive 4x8?


I have no idea what caused them to get together and run a 4x8 but they were all sponsored by Global Athletics and Marketing, Inc so that is what linked them together at least.


It was something that had been talked about for a few years. The Enclave - of which Kenah was part of - had taken a few shots at it in years past. Coach Gags wanted to get that record, as Georgetown had come close to the US record a few years in the 80s when the 4 x 8 was still and NCAA event (instead of the DMR)

Joey Woody was an Enclave guy for a while, and good friends with the other guys. In 2000 all those guys were living in Boston, and all represented by Global Sports and Marketing.

The race in Boston was set up for a WR attempt - with the GS&M team not even being the favorite. Santa Monica Track Club was loaded, and Reebok ( Enclave guys) there too.

Final results:

GS&M: 7:13.94
Reebok: 7:14.78 (Elliot Gaskins, Kevin Murphy, Mike Schroer, Bryan Woodward)
SMTC: 7:16.59 (Jean Marc Destine, Albert Royster, K-Rd, Johnny Gray)


2 legs north of 1:51 and one above 1:50 just won’t get it done, even if Rudisha was the anchor.


Watkins out in nearly 30, 58 or so? Couldn’t really tell from the video. Obviously not looking to run fast.