Prop. 8/DOMA


Can’t wait for the verdict to come down on this one and finally move us into the twenty first century on this issue.


Won’t happen. Roberts knows it’s coming, so he won’t vote the other way, but he will punt it. Don’t expect a decision on Prop 8.


Another 10 hour filibuster?



I wasn’t, I am talking about DOMA, but Prop 8 deserves to be mentioned. You don’t think they will punt DOMA, do you? The talking news heads said Kennedy might be leaning to the left.


I think they will strike down DOMA but send Prop 8 back to the Circuit Court. I don’t see any possible way of them doing the right thing and striking it down completely. The Court is too far to the Right. I can see them declaring Civil Unions as Separate but Equal, and all those under Civil Unions will be classified as married, but that’s gonna be a BIG stretch.


Remember the talking news heads during the ACA oral arguments? I’m not even bothering to listen. Gonna be a long wait.